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  • Emma Ray

Top 3 Producers That Influenced DJ Jackyboy

DJ Jackyboy is a 16 year old producer/rapper from Brisbane who collaborates with a range of artists in the local rap and hip hop community. Writing and producing his tracks about his life and struggles, DJ Jackyboy connects with his audience through his raw emotions in his storytelling.

His most recent tracks ‘Been Through All My Life’ and 'Going Through Changes' are a great examples of how he deals with the ups and downs life brings, that many people in music can be afraid to speak out about in their own songs.

We sit down with DJ JackyBoy and chat about the producers that influence him.


1. TntXD

"I’m so intrigued with the Rod Wave type sounds that come out with good mixes through Tntxd’s beats and plug-ins that I recently bought. I bought these to sauce my beats and also just for how they sound. I recommend this song because of its unique production sound. Check out the plug ins here"


2. 808mafia

"His hard beats and 808 sounds inspire me to make my beats improve from a bad level to a better level in my capability.

This is my go-to 808mafia produced track. The piano gives me goosebumps every time. It’s made me realise how much rap has evolved.


3. CashmoneyAP

"He’s produced a lot over the last few years from Megan Thee Stallion (Traumazine) to Kalan.FrFr. (222) His melodies and beats inspired me to develop my sound behind the scenes. This is my go-to CashmoneyAP produced track. He’s got a unique sound that no one else has, and knows how to express his pain in a way that people can relate to."


Check out DJ JackyBoy here



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