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  • Emma Ray

THE CATCH UP: The Latest Single From Industrial Pop Artist ZZADE Has Something Important To Say

ZZADE, the 20 year old Industrial Pop artist from Meanjin/Brisbane, returns with attitude packed single ‘Triple Diamond Status’.

The track was created during a Covid-19 period where the profit over people agenda of the liberal government in power was frustrating and unfair. Armed with a bass guitar and an attitude, ZZADE produced a demo that would soon birth a tongue in cheek, middle finger waving anthem.

With lines like “I swear I’d rather die than my card decline” and “I would shake the devil’s hand to be in Hawaii with a tan”, it comments on the sinister priorities of that time.

‘Triple Diamond Status’ exudes Lady Gaga inspired production, blending chopped up drum loops and self aware pop melodies.

Arising in 2021 with her bass guitar and self-produced demos, ZZADE has focused on creating her own world of industrial punk and pop inspired sounds, steadily carving a place for herself in the Brisbane music scene.

ZZADE went on to release her first single ‘Hollywood Ending’ in August of this year. With an accompanying music video and distinct visuals, followers were introduced to the industrial pop world of ZZADE. Combining signature fuzzy bass lines with high tempo industrial drum sounds and dynamic synths, ‘Hollywood Ending’ was met with high praise from the likes of The Partae, Good Call Live, Grrrl Music, The Point Music News, and The Music.

Now follows ‘Triple Diamond Status’, the satirical take on capitalism and the culture of over consumerism. It mocks the stereotypical enthusiast of luxury items with money obsessed lifestyles through lyrics written from an exaggerated perspective.

"Triple Diamond Status is a song I’m super proud to release. I am excited to show this more satirical and politically driven side to me and I hope you love listening to it as much as I did making it. My dream is for you to sing along and use it as an affirmation to keep fighting the good fight against capitalist greed and the profit over people agenda. You have now reached the ‘Triple Diamond Status’." – ZZADE

The track leaves the listener in an unsuspecting world of political pop, a genre in which the likes of Rina Sawayama, St. Vincent, Poppy and Charli XCX have popularised. Compelling and catchy, ‘Triple Diamond Status’ is an earworm that exercises the brain and muscles of the moral compass.



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