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THE CATCH UP: Josh Setterfield Puts The Fight Back Into Country With New Single 'Nothing Like Me'

Cutting edge, gutsy and unlike anything this country has heard, ‘Nothing Like Me’ is the next anthem ahead of its time.

“This song goes out to anyone who’s had someone take something from them, felt stepped on, belittled or been sidelined watching their hard work burn or succeed in front of them.” - Josh Setterfield

We had a quick chat with the man himself to find out a little more about the track.

Putting the fight back into country music, with some hard hitting truths Josh Setterfield unleashes a self-penned banger. The sizzling new track written with co-writer Craig Brooks, produced by Adam Newcomb pulls influence from the heavier side of country right now. If anyone’s going to go there, it’s Josh Setterfield!


'Nothing Like Me' sounds like a very cathartic release for you. Now it's out in the world and people are loving it, how do you feel?

"Honestly, it’s like a weight off my shoulders. I don’t know if people gathered, but it’s a bit of a call out song haha. I have one person in particular that it’s directed at… But it’s written with everyone in mind and for anyone who’s ever felt like someone has been copying them, ever felt like they’ve been stepped on and pushed to the side. It could be in your workplace, fake friends… Anywhere.

Others feel the same way you’re feeling… And this song is a bit of a stand up anthem for that situation."

For anyone who relates to this song, what words of advice would you give them?

"Don’t back down. Don’t stand for this kind of thing. If you’re like me, you work hard to come up with your own ideas. As hard as it is, don’t let this discourage you.

You’re killing it! Keep going!"

You debuted the track live for the first time with your band at your most recent Tasmania show, a day after its release. What was your favourite part of playing it live?

"Playing it live for the first time recently was incredible. I wasn’t sure how the crowd or my fans would take this song as it’s a LOT heavier than usual, but already it’s become one of our more connecting tracks. The energy that we got from the crowd while playing that song was next level and I can’t wait to play it again in the new year! Let’s go!"


Josh is everything but predictable. An exceptional songwriter, a born entertainer and not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. More than comfortable pushing the country boundary further and speaking up.

One of the most exciting and unparalleled country music entertainers, Josh is bringing an exceptional live show which is becoming talk of the town. Since the groundbreaking single ‘Right About Now’ which has accrued over 1 million streams, Josh has jumped from strength to strength through his hard work. Being true to himself and supported by a loyal and fast growing fan base, he has received back to back #1’s on CMT, global playlisting, high rotation radio play nationally and internationally.

Forever broadening country music beyond the horizon, forget whatever you knew about country. Turn this one up to 11 and get your ears ready for the fresh, new and unpredicted track ‘Nothing Like Me’ from Josh Setterfield.

Josh Setterfield on tour

Jan 20 TAMWORTH NSW - Tamworth Country Music Festival w/ Casey Barnes

Apr 15 TOOWOOMBA QLD - Meatstock

Apr 22 GIPPSLAND VIC - Gippsland Country Music Festival


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