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THE CATCH UP: BRAT Release 'Taylor Street' EP

Earlier this month, Meanjin/Brisbane three-piece BRAT unleashed their debut six-track EP 'Taylor Street'.

Remember when your sibling would slap you, and then blame you for it? With catchy riffs and anthemic choruses, they come bearing memories of drug abuse, depression, and bad relationships to remind you that life sucks, but let’s party.

Heralded as “pretty sick blokes” by some guy called Robbo, grunge 3-piece BRAT consist of members Blair Thompson, Jacob Tully and Justin "Lobey" Hobbs.

Oozing influences such as Violent Soho, Nirvana, Sly Withers, and more, BRAT has taken off to a 'RAWR'ing start, supporting sold-out shows with local legends, and forming an elite unit of Ratbags guaranteed to bring the party.

Formed in a share-house in the midst of a pandemic by two of Brisbane's most practised punters, BRAT hits hard, and leaves you fangin' for more.

"Night sweats, hot piss, broken strings, and broken hearts. Never expected to amount to much, and much is still to come. We wrote these songs on back decks snapping drum sticks and between binges that always came back to haunt us, and in those heavy moments of reflection, we found the garbage..."

To celebrate the launch, the legends at BRAT have pulled bands from their growing list of besties to bring you a few cheeky shows up and down the SEQLD coast.

'Taylor Street' is 25 minutes of gritty, grungey attitude. From their fast-paced opening track 'Empty Club' capturing your attention with its opening lines "The nightlife acts like life support" before a solo with a surprising instrument of choice; to their slower-paced and heartfelt track 'Lexapro' - a song that is reminiscent of Violent Soho's 'Hungry Ghost' album. If you like loud music, stories of chaos, and being in the midst of sweaty moshpits with your mates, BRAT is the band for you.

So press play, listen to them loud, and get amongst the bratty attitude.


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