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THE CATCH UP: Bella Jane Reclaims Her Power With ‘Still Be Friends’

Meanjin/Brisbane’s talented pop-songwriter and artist Bella Jane has recently released her must-hear second single ‘Still Be Friends’, following on from her successful 2021 track ‘Light On’.

‘Still Be Friends’ focuses on reclaiming your power in a relationship. Produced by Tom Eggert (Sloan Peterson, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Cub Sport, HANNI, Benji Lewis) and mixed/mastered by Jarryd Shuker (Art of Sleeping, WIIGZ, Hein Cooper, Yb.) at Brisbane’s 4000 Studios, Bella Jane wanted to write a pop-heavy track.

During the songwriting process, Bella changed the course of direction lyrically. From writing about feeling like a burden in a relationship, to reclaiming her power in that dynamic.

“The bridge talks about coming to terms with the sadness behind it. The rest of the song is upbeat and uplifting to claim your power back. It’s a little period in the song where you grieve for the past and present of the relationship but understand that the ‘future you’ needs things to change in order to be happy.”

Talking about the song's creation process, Bella mentions Tom Eggert’s strong musical ear for creating something sentimental and endearing.

“There’s an indescribable feeling I get when I’ve written a song and present it to Tom and we start piecing together all these elements. When everything starts falling into place and starts to sound like a real song, you’re on cloud nine.”

Beginning her career in music while still a student at Music Industry College, Bella wrote a song that she would then pass over to her school friend and fellow MIC student, HANNI. This song would reach global success with over 4.6 million streams on Spotify alone.

“Still Be Friends is about a time in my life where I was going through some relationship turmoil and wanted to continue as friends. It’s always tricky when you make that decision to part ways romantically and decide whether or not it’s right to go on as friends and navigating that”

2023 marks a new beginning for the upcoming pop artist. With new music on the horizon, you’ll be hearing a whole lot more of Bella Jane, and we can’t wait.

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