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TELLER, Making Moves

TELLER, AKA, Darius Lee is a Singaporean Hip Hop and Alternative Rap artist/producer based in Brisbane, Australia. TELLER is a project/alter ego that Darius created to express himself under a different identity. Darius is also the owner of Late Night Collective, which is a Brisbane Based Hip Hop/Rap Collective specialising in collaborating with youth artists.

TELLER Live At The Brightside, Photo By South East Sounds

TELLER is heavily inspired by rap artists such as Aaron May, Vince Staples, Knucks, Joey Bada$$, and Cordae.

TELLER focuses on catchy lyrics and melodic production to create an emotive, down-to-earth feeling every time his songs come on. TELLER has been making music for 4 years and in the last two years has entered the Brisbane music scene through live shows, networking and collaborating with other artists. He dropped his debut single Views alongside his debut EP Visions Of The Past. He then went on to work on a separate project alongside Bracko El Titan called Jumperz. They released an EP called Jumperz vol.1. This EP was a project focused on making music for the club, the tracks were focused on the energetic “hype” mentality.

Since the drop of his debut EP, TELLER has gone to play multiple shows. Most noticeably at Shedfest - a youth-focused mini-festival held at Ventspace, featuring a clash between rock, indie and rap music, he also performed at the Late Night Takeover, a last-minute gig held to showcase upcoming artists in the industry.

TELLER Live At The Brightside, Photo By South East Sounds

After choosing to take a long break after his debut EP, TELLER used this time to evolve and create a new brand for himself and his music.

Last On Earth, available to listen here, is a simple yet catchy song that stays on repeat in the listener's head. Last On Earth was produced in a way that was completely different to TELLER’s normal production style. It talks about how after reflecting on the nature of the earth itself, he may very well be the last on earth. Almost creating the song as an expression of a philosophical idea that can never be proven. He knew then after creating this song to step back into the scene.

Darius has no intentions of slowing down, with more music to come. He will be releasing his next single, ‘LOVELOYALTY’ (out August 12th) as well as his album, Pack Your Bags Cause We Ain't Coming Home, due for release at the end of 2022.

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