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TELLER In The Feels On New Track 'LOVELOYALTY'

'LOVELOYALTY' is TELLER’s second single of the year, and we're excited to hear that there's more to come from TELLER in the near future. Taking a break after his debut EP in 2021, TELLER used this time to evolve, and thus created a new brand for himself and his music.

The track dives into understanding issues with intimate relationships, touching on how loyalty within a relationship is better than having love alone. TELLER discovers his preference of loyalty over love in the track, even if the title contradicts itself.

"How can you love loyalty, if loyalty is over love?" he shares.

TELLER, AKA, Darius Lee is a Singaporean Hip Hop and Alternative Rap artist/producer based in Brisbane, Australia. TELLER is a project/alter ego that Darius created to express himself under a different identity.

After recently releasing his track 'Last On Earth' in July, 'LOVELOYALTY' is the follow up track before he drops his next single in support of upcoming album 'Pack Your Bags Cause We Ain't Coming Home', due for release at the end of 2022.

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