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  • India Wallis

Take Notes: RADICALS Share Their Dream Rider

Eora/Sydney-based alternative-rock group RADICALS has just revealed their commanding new single 'maybe' – produced and mixed by Daniel Antix at Def Wolf Studios (Pist Idiots, SCABZ) and mastered by George Georgiadis.

'maybe' is a nostalgic blend of modern rock, with evocative 90s-inspired instrumentation, led by Brandon Wade's anthemic vocals. The thunderous rhythm section grounds the blistering guitars, as the soaring melody rises before shifting into the bridge's breakdown. The track briefly fades into a muffled and warbled chorus, before exploding into a high-octane finale.

RADICALS talks about the inspiration behind 'maybe':

"Love and obsession. When you finally meet the love of your life, can't stop thinking about them and every second you aren't with them just seems like a waste of time."

In the live arena, the band has sold out 12 headline shows across NSW and QLD, and have supported beloved Australian acts Ruby Fields, The Terrys, The Rions, Faker and RedHook.

RADICALS live shows are high-energy. They have to get their stamina for the stage somehow, right? Do they request a couple of Red Bulls on their rider to gulp down in the green room? Well, we don't know what's exactly on there, but we do know their 'dream' rider...


RADICALS share their dream rider list with us below


Have you ever seen a Capybara? They look like literal gangstas and they don’t give a f**k about anything. It'd be so cool to just hang out with one while it just sits there judging you.


This is probably the most boring thing on here as some venues already provide this but there's nothing better than walking into a dressing room and seeing a fruit platter sitting there. I mean have you seen this thing?! Look at it!!! It’s just a beautiful sit to behold, it also tastes alright.


We can’t be having the dressing room being too healthy so we gotta get some double cheeseburgers (with no pickles), quarter pounder meals and nuggets (with sweet and sour sauce). Consuming this will make us sound 20% worse than usual but it’s a sacrifice we're willing to take.


If we had a dollar for every time we've had a string break during a show, we'd have like $6. For some reason we’ve never learnt our lesson and always end up in the same situation where we have to ask one of the other bands mid-song if we can borrow their bass or guitar for a song. We suck.


A little-known fact is that our singer Brandon also plays guitar and he's horrible at it. He knows maybe 7 chords and stands dead as a doornail at every show because he can’t really multi-task, so all his focus goes into trying to sing and also play the most basic stuff on guitar at the same time. This book will do wonders for him.




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