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  • India Wallis

Squid The Kid: 5 Songs That Influenced The Song ‘Cater’

Squid The Kid mesmerises in latest single ‘Cater’ which sees the stylish East-Melbournian rapping over woozy R&B, softly smoked-out soul, and a deliciously grooving lo-fi jazz-hop beat.

Warm and relaxed grooves arabesque around Squid’s immediately identifiable voice who joins the prolific international community of melodic jazz rappers, championed by trail-blazers Loyle Carner, Mac Miller and Ivan Ave.

The minimal yet colourful production, courtesy of Michael Elia, complements the unique timbre of Squid’s voice. Equal parts artsy, electronic and minimal, the beat is familiar yet exciting in its simplicity.

Over this, Squid lays a flow that is undoubtedly stylish - containing that innate sound of a laid-back yet confident vocal master who works with, not on top of, the beat.

The writing of ‘Cater’ is rooted in the experiential wisdom of personal observations. Spotlighting an intimate moment of self-reflection, Squid makes astute observations of the softer side a relationship can elicit within you - the want to simply ‘cater’ to your other half.

Squid The Kid shares the songs that influenced 'Cater' with us below

  • 'Cater 2 U' by Destiny’s Child - I really took reference from this song and honestly flipped it. In there version it's about a lady looking after a man, but in mine I flipped the script and talked about a mans perspective on this similar matter.

  • 'Make It Better' by Anderson .Paak - Funny enough I wrote ‘Cater’ at a time where me and my girlfriend at the time were going through a misunderstanding. Paak has a similar message in his song, just trying to work and figure things out with a loved one.

  • 'Easy' by Amine and Summer Walker - the synergy between these two artists was amazing in this song. Even though I didn’t have a female as a proper feature on ‘Cater’ but I had the amazing Allison by South, really complete this song with her beautiful vocals.

  • 'Stay' by Mac Miller - Just the nice laid back vibe he has projecting his words, but also carrying a more deeper meaning if you really think about what he has to say.

  • 'Chosen One' by Anderson .Paak - I took a tiny page out of the vocal production of this particular song, just the nice layers in the hook was a nice touch, added a different dynamic.

Check out Squid The Kid's music video for 'Cater' below



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