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Shoegaze-Sweethearts Phantasm Street Debut With Double Single ‘Summer / She Waits’

Meanjin/Brisbane-based shoegaze-sweethearts Phantasm Street, release their debut dual singles ‘Summer’ and ‘She Waits’.

Known for their unique blend of sixties pop structure, deeply immersed in dynamic nineties shoegaze instrumentals reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr, Phantasm Street are excited to share their latest creation with fans worldwide.

Hailing from Kau-in-Kau-in/Redcliffe, Phantasm Street was formed by four high school friends in mid-2021, all connected through their love of alternative music. The band draws inspiration from a combination of various ’60s psych-pop acts, such as The Beach Boys and The Zombies, complemented by the dreamy and rock-oriented instrumentals of 90s alternative rock, in bands such as Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth.

Both ‘Summer’ and ‘She Waits’ were recorded and produced by members Theodore Todd (Bass/Vocals) and Caleb Freeman (Vocals/Guitar) in Theodore’s home studio in the spring of 2022, with final post-production and mixing by Aaron Shanahan (Miami Horror, Dream Dali, Wunder Wunder, Sunday).

‘Summer’ is a nostalgic and dreamy psych-rock ballad, reminiscing about earlier times that captures the essence of summer. With mesmerising guitar riffs and hypnotic vocals, ‘Summer’ transports you through a passage of hazy memories and new-found nostalgia for an easier time. The chorus, a catchy but cynical nod to the love songs of the mid sixties is sure to hook any music fan.

“When I experience a significant moment, I tend to tie the emotions I feel to the place at which it was experienced. Over time in my head, I've created this imaginary street with all these significant places/moments and I tend to look back and reflect on them. This was the initial idea behind the song and Phantasm Street as a musical project. ‘Summer’ was the first song I wrote under this idea and moniker of ‘Phantasm Street’” - Caleb Freeman (vocals, guitar)

‘She Waits’, a sun-dappled ode to the upbeat teeny-bopper sounds of the 60s, is instantly recognisable. A laid-back guitar-pop daydream, The track layers bright, chiming guitar tones over haunting reverb and distorted rhythm guitar. Closing the song with a mesmerising refrain and an explosion of roaring guitars and heavy drums.

Both ‘Summer’ and ‘She Waits’ are a perfect addition to any shoegaze lover's playlist. The band's distinctive sound is evident in every note, and fans can expect to be transported to a different era with each listen.

“She Waits is more hopeful. It's meant to say ‘Even though the good ol’ days are over, the future looks bright.’ as well as the desire to prove yourself to the people who look down, judge or don't believe in you."

To celebrate the release, Phantasm Street was thrilled to partner with two local Brisbane labels, Anti Dismal and Starving Kids for the labels’ collaborative all-ages release show at Music Industry College, in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

These two debut singles are just the beginning of what's to come for the talented group. With their unique sound and captivating lyrics, matched with Freeman’s unique voice, the band is guaranteed to make a mark in the Australian alternative and rock scenes.

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