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Sheph.ART & Barry Saleh's Top 5 Production Tips

Sheph.ART & Barry Saleh are no strangers to smooth melodies, crisp beats and immaculate vibes. The two producers have steadily made a name for themselves in Liverpool, Sydney producing a multitude of talented acts out of their studio, including A.Girl, Youngn Lipz, Pistol Pete, Billymaree, JKing & more.

This work has been featured globally, landing coverage across Red Bull, triple j & AU Dollars as well as scoring 10 million+ streams across their production credits. Combining for ‘Action’, (released earlier this month) the two talented young hit-makers are bringing to audiences their debut offering as artists in their own right. Working out of the very same studio, the producers channel influences from J.Cole, Kanye, Brent Faiyaz & The Weeknd into a track that allows them to showcase their versatility and talent as producers, songwriters & now performers as well.

They share their top 5 production tips - will you learn something new?

  • Always reference your records, referencing helps with being able to maintain industry standard quality. Listen to your favorite artists and pick the records that shine most in terms of quality and create a playlist to always go back and forth to. At BeatswithSheph, we have a running playlist of both old and modern records in various genres to create a holistic aspect of the musical standard across the globe.

  • It is best practice to have access to as many different headphones, speakers and earphones to listen to your records on. The goal here is to ensure a consistent quality of sound throughout different systems. We both have multiple sources of sound that we listen back to our records on prior to finalizing.

  • If you are a producer or artist, we always recommend picking up an instrument and understanding the musical theory behind that instrument. This will help you grow as both a producer and as an artist in many aspects. For example understanding scales will develop your ear for harmonies. We are both proficient in various instruments such as the guitar, keys, saxophone etc which has broadened our musical ability.

  • A clean space is a creative space, both in your mind and your physical environment. This enables you to have a clear train of thought for the record at hand. Personally this removes any cluster in our workflow. Prior to any recording session, either ourselves or the artists that we work with, we allocate half an hour to clean the workspace and mentally prepare for the creativity that will be taking place.

  • Don’t be afraid to collaborate on records with other artists and producers, this will allow you to experiment on your own sound and increase your knowledge in your own genre. We do this all the time by fluidly transitioning in different genres such as Hip Hop/Trap to Funk/Soul & Blues.

With a string of production & song-writing credits under their belts, as well as a community that already recognises their name, Sheph.ART & Barry Saleh are poised to now nudge their faces & voices to the front of Australian hip-hop culture. ‘Action’ sets the tone for a slew of upcoming releases that are masterfully executed in flow, melody & production. The two powerhouses are not a flash in the pan, with an energy and purpose driving their future collaborations.

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