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  • Emma Ray

Rockin' The Suburbs With Semantics

The interview all about Meanjin/Brisbane, with the city's finest creatives.

Last month, Meanjin/Brisbane rockers Semantics hit the road in support of their recently released album Paint Me Blue. Finishing their tour in Brisbane, the quartet played Black Bear Lodge along with supports from Foul Face and Hot Reno.

Find out some of Semantics favourite things about the city we call home.

Photo: Harley Jones

You’ve been touring in support of your latest album ‘Paint Me Blue’, what’s been your favourite thing about this tour?

Touring with our friends in Hot Reno has been the best thing about this by far. It was a huge week driving to Melbourne and back for three shows, but we shared the driving shifts and kept each other entertained in the 12-seater, so it was a breeze!

Now the question that divides Brisbane… Northside or Southside, and why?

Southside, of course. The roads on the Northside make no sense and there's too much old money getting around there. Southside is the multicultural epicentre of SEQ, is home to the best bands and has roads that won't drive you insane.

You've recently played Black Bear Lodge with Hot Reno and Foul Face. What do you love most about having local bands support your shows?

We're a local band too, and sharing the stage with newer bands is a great experience for everyone involved. The crowd get so see someone they might not have heard before, we get to hang out with new faces, it's all a win!

Time to give some local businesses some love. What are your go-to restaurants and bars in Brisbane and why?

Loving Hut has a special place in our heart, but we also do a lot of birthdays at Brewski. Can't leave out the old Crowbar, the Zoo and Stranded!

You've just bumped out of a gig, it's after midnight, where's you're go-to for a late night feed?

If we're drunk, Lord of the Fries. If we're wasted, 5 Dogs.

You have a night off to go and see live music in Brisbane. Which music venue are you going to first?

We'll usually visit The Zoo first, the staff are some of the best people in the world, it always sounds great and it has air con now!!

Do you have a favourite cafe?

Andonis in Moorooka is amazing, but you're hard pressed for a seat if you haven't booked! It's right around the corner from our studio, so we go there for lunch sometimes.

Brisbane’s music scene is so vibrant with so many different genres and bands. What local acts have you been digging lately?

We've been really into Verum, Foul Face, Flamingo Blonde and Dad Fight lately!

What venue in Brisbane would you love to play that you haven’t yet and why?

The last venue in Meanjin on our bucket list is Riverstage. That's the big one. We fantasise about playing that stage one day. It's peak for any musician in our locale.

From photographers to visual artists, videographers or booking agents, do you have any Brisbane creatives that you’d like to give a shout out to?

We've had an amazing experience with media professionals here. We've loved the work from Harley Jones, Luke Morgan, Will Johnstone, Luke Henery, Max Wenke, Charlie Falconer and Gabi Rankine. All amazing photographers and videographers with unique styles.



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