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  • Emma Ray

Rockin' The Suburbs: With Reckless Coast's Jaeden Ogston

The interview all about Brisbane, with Brisbane's finest creatives.

Straight off the back of their 'Do You Want Me?' tour that spanned from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney, Reckless Coast are back with a new single 'Ambers'. With an air of operatic grandiose mixed behind a rugged riff driven heartbeat, 'Ambers' brings a definitive new flavour to the band’s repertoire. Supported by shows in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney during August this year, 'Ambers' proves that Reckless Coast is reviving the contemporary standing of the rock genre.

We asked frontman Jaeden Ogston a few questions about the loveable city he calls home...

Jaeden Ogston on stage with Reckless Coast, live at Tomcat - Photo credit to Charlie Falconer

Reckless Coast have just released their latest single ‘Ambers’ and have some upcoming shows coming up in support of the track - what’s been your favourite venue to play in Brisbane and why?

Tomcat, and I will say that every time! The stage is rad, the backline is the best in Brisbane, and the staff are rad as hell. Honestly the band cut its teeth at that venue in the early days when we were called Rude Rum and the amount of memories I have of playing there, as well as hitting it up on a night off, are too many to count.

Brisbane’s music scene is currently booming with bands, and plenty of awesome up-and-coming names. Do you have any Brisbane favourites at the moment?

Space Flamingo have a massive live sound, and all their members are not only amazing musicians, but honestly are just genuinely lovely people to be around. So yeah, definitely recommend checking them out.

Will also give a shout out to Wetlands who have a solid vibe going on. We did a gig with them the other night at The Brightside… hadn't played with them for so long and it was mad to share a stage with 'em again.

You have a night off to go and see live music in Brisbane. What music venue in Brisbane are you going to first?

Obviously Tomcat haha, for all the reasons previously stated!

You’re going out with some friends for some dinner - what restaurants are you recommending you all go to?

OH MAN, go directly to El Planta in South Brisbane… Their tacos are next level… Fully vegan menu, made from scratch, which changes weekly so ingredients are super fresh and each experience is as unique as the last. Authentic as hell too. Even the wine menu is dynamic, only buying limited quantities from smaller vineyards, most of which you won't find in your standard bottle-shop.

Also if you're out catching a gig in the valley go to Gung Ho for absolutely rad dumplings (they're legendary in our band haha).

Each member of Reckless Coast are originally from QLD and NSW’s coastal areas and all individually moved to Brisbane for its music scene a number of years ago. What are some of your favourite qualities about Brisbane?

The fact that it's got all the best features of a city but with the communal and warm feeling of a country town. It's hard to explain, but I like how it's very relaxed in comparison to other cities… Plus the music scene is quite unique when you think of it. It's not spread out over multiple suburbs, everything is happening right in the valley… On a singular night out you could hit up 3 or 4 different gigs, it's a boiling pot of music Thursday-Sunday out there.

Reckless Coast L-R India Raine, Jaeden Ogston, Jono Frowd. Photo by Gabi Rankine

What’s your go-to coffee shops, restaurants or bars of choice?

Coffee shops wise, Alcove in Wilston are the most beautiful people in this world, I swear. I go there often and the owners and staff are absolutely wonderful. Their food is amazing too, and quite possibly my favourite brunch location. They also sell sourdough breads, bagels, muffins and even focaccia to take home… I've bought multiple loaves from there!

For bevos, Greaser has mad vibe, Tomcat is legendary (as you well know by now in this interview!), and for something more unique, Cindy Chows which is a secret bar in the Valley with some serious vibe.

What venue in Brisbane would you love to play and why?

The Triffid for sure, just cause of what it is. I reckon it's such a cool idea having an old commercial hanger as a venue… Plus it sounds cool as hell.

Reckless Coast loves working with local creators. From recording your music, filming music videos and snapping photos live - what Brisbane creatives should we know about?

Yeah we like keeping things local! Cody McWaters is a wizard when it comes to recording, mixing and producing… Everything from TALK onwards we've recorded with Cody, and he's worked with artists such as Selfish Sons, The Chats and King Stingray. Plus he's a proper good dude and makes the whole process so enjoyable.

Also, Joe Bon MacPhail from Vagabond Visions is a rad videographer. He's did the 'TALK' and 'Do You Want Me?' music videos for us. Really sick video work and captures out vibe so well. Super swell guy all around and an amazing muso too - he's the drummer for The Vultures.

Check out Reckless Coasts new single 'Ambers' below

Reckless Coast will be launching the 'Ambers' single with three shows:

- August 12th: O'Skulligans, Brisbane, QLD

- August 13th: Eddie's Grub House, Gold Coast, QLD

- August 27th: Frankie's Pizza, Sydney, NSW


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