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  • Emma Ray

Rockin' The Suburbs: With Lucid Safari's Dan Lewis

The interview all about Brisbane, with Brisbane's finest creatives.

Lucid Safari is Dream-Rock project of Brisbane musician and front man Dan Lewis. Hosting a rotation of rising and accomplished musicians, the band explore sounds of psych, surf, rock and reggae, translating Lewis' sonic vision in the studio and on the live stage.

We chatted with Dan recently about the city we call home.

You guys have recently released your new single 'Till The End' and played Felons Barrel Hall in celebration of the release, what do you love most about playing local shows with local support acts?

I think one of the coolest things about playing local shows is being exposed to the amount of amazing talent on the local scene. It wasn't till we started getting out there that I realised how good local bands in Brissy are, and we gotta get out and support the scene we want to thrive in our city.

What's some of your favourite qualities about Brisbane's music scene? I would have to say one of my favourite qualities in Brisbane's music scene is how small our little country town of a city is. Everyone knows everyone or is at least only one point of separation away, and it's nice to have a humble community of people around. I would also have to say we have some pretty cool venues at our disposal to put on cool shows and create events, sometimes it's really difficult to get into places like that, but it feels like we have a lot of options up here.

Lucid Safari has been playing a number of gigs in recent months! Is there a venue you haven't played yet that you'd like to tick off your 'venue bucket list'?

There's plenty of interstate venues on the old bucket list, but I think we've managed to play heaps of Brisbane's coolest venues so far. I think the next one's on the list would be the Princess Theatre and the Tivoli.

Dan Lewis, Lucid Safari

Shout out to some of your favourite Brisbane bands, and what do you love about them?

Haha lots of pressure here, so I apologise if I forget anyone, there's just so much good music happening at the moment. Fat Picnic, Kurilpa Reach, Shag Rock, Lounge, The Urban Sea, Sam Syrah, Juno, Dizzy Days, Tripsitta, Ban Solo, and there's heaps more which haven't come to mind, first and foremost what I dig about these bands is the music.

They're putting out cool shit. I've been able to work closely with Juno and I've seen them innovate so many aspects of the music, social media, and live performance. Dizzy Days are absolutely killing it, crossing disco pop boundaries in a really digestible way but it feels like something fresh. I am a fan of Shag Rock, they've been doing awesome things in music for ages now and they're not slowing down. I really dig Urban Sea's songwriting, they're sending this beautiful sound between their lyrics and melodies and Chris' voice. As I said, there are plenty more to comment on but we'd be here for a while haha.

You have a night off to go and see some local live music. What music venue in Brisbane are you going to first? It kinda depends on how I'm feeling, if I'm keen to get on the drinks and dance like an idiot, Lefty's is one of my go-to's or Brooklyn Standard, if I'm chasing original music, there's a multitude of venues to choose from, I'd say The Zoo or Black Bear Lodge haha.

You've just finished a gig and it's time for the band to get some post-show food - where are you guys going?

I reckon Kickons is one of the best post-show places to go, the food is really good there, not to mention the karaoke party haha. Not maccas, if we can avoid it!

Time to give some local businesses some love. What're your go-to restaurants and bars in Brisbane and why? I've gotta give love to Suzie Wong's and Brooklyn Standard. I haven't played any shows there with Lucid Safari, but those venues are some of the coolest bars in Brissy and have supported my music for a long time... Lefty's is awesome, with an awesome crew and vibe, love that old building.

From photographers to visual artists, videographers or producers, do you have any Brisbane creatives that you’d like to give a shout out to?

Absolutely I want to shout out Vanessa at Vivid Visual Co. She has been absolutely incredible to work with. Dean Parke is also an amazing videographer I would highly recommend. Sound Out Studios is an awesome place to go if you're looking to record. My wonderful producer, Nathan Cornacchia. Sam Woods, my amazing mix engineer and co-producer. Luke Woods - You will never find a more accommodating and professional live sound engineer.

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