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Rockin' The Suburbs With Dana Gehrman

Brisbane based blues, rock and soul Queen Dana Gehrman has launched her second studio album 'Down In Hollywood'. We had the pleasure of chatting to Brisbane's most wonderful songstress about all things Brisbane, in Dana's rock-n-roll-chic style!

A nod to the halcyon days of 70’s American Roots-Rock, Down In Hollywood is a collection of interpretations of Gehrman’s favourite Little Feat songs. Down In Hollywood showcases the edgy, raw sound Gehrman has become known for, featuring a selection of upbeat rhythm heavy tracks, groove laden Funk and stripped back roots, all with unfaltering vocals.

Taking influence from the halcyon days of 70’s ‘west coast’ music, Gehrman rewinds to a time of genre-bending experimentalism with her songwriting, blending soul, funk, roots-rock and blues, all with unfaltering vocals.

“I grew up with Little Feat, emanating from vintage Tannoy speakers in cabinets larger than life. These songs are so engrained in me; when we play them, they feel as much a part of me as my own songs. I don’t believe you could ever make their songs better; these are just my humble interpretations of songs I truly love.”

- Dana Gehrman


The question that divides Brisbane… Northside or Southside?

"I’m going central baby… but I’ve always lived ever so slightly north."

Who are some of your favourite local bands, musicians or players at the moment?

"I can’t go without mentioning The Honey Sliders & Golden Sound - some of the best players going and my brothers in arms.

Emma Bosworth & Ruby Gilbert are two of my favourite local singer-songwriters. City Piss, Seja, Holly Rollercoasters. Brisbane is overflowing with great bands and musicians. I want to write down everyone I know.

Some other incredible Brisbane players:

George Browning, Jen Boyce, Luke Moller,

Jamie Clark, Steve Szell, Ant Aggs, Peta Leigh Wilson."

You have a night off to go and see live music in Brisbane. Which music venue are you going to first?

"It’s Still A Secret! Good vibes, Great local acts."

Time to give some local businesses some love. What are your go-to restaurants and bars?

"I spend pretty much every weekend and many week nights in venues so in all honesty they become my regulars and homes away from home. But if I do have a day off I’m all for a casual Greek meal at Kaffenio or a long lunch at Leftkas, Tamales at Mama Taco, a post work schooner at The Boundary, or a post gig breakfast bagel at Boys House of Coffee. Cocktails and a peak at the vintage racks at Can You Keep A Secret."

Do you have a favourite cafe?

"Swiss Cafe in West End for the lemon Queijadas & Portuguese tarts."

If you could play a show with two local acts, who would they be and why? "Ruby Gilbert & Tessa Fleur… I love sharing the stage with fellow female musicians and love these artists for being really authentic in what they do."

You have a day off to explore Brisbane, what’s on the itinerary?

"Quick stop in Paddington for new strings and a chat at ‘The Guitar Shop’, a flick through the vinyl at Dutch Records, down the road to Retro Metro for some vintage threads, continue to west end for some more vintage at Neo-Generalist, SWOP, a browse through Avid Reader, lunch at Wrapture and a beer in the front bar of The Boundary - care for a round of pool?

Head over to new farm for a walk by the river, and a sneaky bev on the deck at the power house, before heading out to a gig…or even a night of strikes & gutters and eating hotdogs at Aspley Bowl."

You’re playing at Felons Barrel Hall on October 14 with Ruby Gilbert and Tessa Fleur, what can we expect from your live show?

"An upbeat blend of rock, roots and soul. Some big guitar solos and tunes to boogie too. I love to have fun onstage and hope that translates for the audience. The Barrel Hall is a great stage to play and features the best view in town of the Story Bridge."

From photographers to visual artists, videographers or booking agents, do you have any Brisbane creatives that you’d like to give a shout-out to?

"Borley Designs. Sleepy Mountain Films. Szephyr Guitars. Jelightly photography. The Fox & The Bear photography. CatGuts Photography. Wobble Palace Art. Helena Papageorgiou animation. Lachie Douglas photography. Paloma Roan Salon.

Brisbane is full of amazing creatives and really is an amazing place to live and collaborate."

Join Dana alongside, Danny Widdicombe, Chris Bosley, Peter Golikov and Tony McCall this October 14h at Felons Barrel Hall for a free event of feel good, rockin' tunes, with special guests Ruby Gilbert and Tessa Fleur! Event Details

Tessa Fleur Band 8pm Ruby Gilbert Band 8:45pm Dana Gehrman Band 9:45pm

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