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Rockin' The Suburbs With Andy Martin

Andy Martin has a unique talent for turning earnest songwriting into hooky indie-pop anthems, and his latest track 'Toothaches' is no exception.

Working with producer Aidan Hogg (G-Flip, Holy Holy, Hope D) Andy was eager to jump back into the studio. The two worked together to create the glistening sonic world that is Toothaches, at Brisbane’s iconic Plutonium Studios (Tame Impala, Hatchie, WAAX).

The track was mastered by Brisbane luminary Brock Weston (BUGS, Eliza & The

Delusionals, Beddy Rays), who placed the final touches on this indie-pop earworm.

We had the chance to chat with Andy about all things Brisbane!


Congratulations on your new release! You worked with some great Brisbane-based names and studio for this track. How was the recording process of ‘Toothaches’ for you?

"Thanks so much! The recording (and writing process) of 'Toothaches' was a pretty special one for me! You're right, I got to work with Brisbane royalty on this release as well. I take a pretty similar approach into the studio every time I'm wanting to lay down new music. I always have a pretty clear idea of how I want things to sound / the structure, but I work a lot with the producers to really hone in on the vibe and create this indie pop / rock world that I love living in. I have been working with Aidan Hogg (G Flip, Hope D) for the last few releases, including a couple of cuts off my debut album last year (Reverie & At Least You're Trying). He has a real knack for the sound that I'm going for so the process is easy, efficient, and just wonderful. Plutonium is iconic in the local scene, with huge bands like Tame Impala recording there in the past. Always an honour to walk through those doors and make music. Brock Weston (BUGS, Eliza & The Delusionals) also mastered this track, alongside my whole debut record as well! Brock is super sweet and makes these tracks radio ready. I'm honoured to work alongside such amazing people who really are masters of their trade!"

You have a night off to go and see live music in Brisbane. Which music venue are you going to first?

"Oooo, this is a good one! I actually live quite close to the Junk Bar in Ashgrove, so it's fun to head down there for a show / a yummy cocktail! Black Bear Lodge always goes off! I've also seen a heap of shows recently at The Princess Theatre which is honestly the most beautiful venue. I'd love to play there at some point soon! Riverstage is always a vibe too. Some of my fave shows of all time as a spectator have been there!"

The question that divides Brisbane… Northside or Southside?

"Being born in Cairns and growing up there, I'm actually quite neutral on this matter! However, I moved to Ashgrove mid last year and we live right next to Banks St Reserve and the shops so it's a bit of a vibe. I don't want to be a fence sitter, so I'm going to say Northside!"

Who are some of your favourite local bands, musicians or players at the moment?

"Lots and lots and lots. Brissy is honestly thriving right now! My favourite local artists that EVERYONE needs to check out are: Jem Casser-Daley, Asha Jefferies, The Bluebottles, Maisy Taylor, Moon Saloon! My all time local faves are the Ball Park Music crew!"

You have a day off to explore Brisbane, what’s on the itinerary?

"So much to do in our beautiful city! After a nice lil sleep in, I'd probably head into the city to grab a coffee and go for a walk around the river! You get to see all the sights and get a bit of exercise in the meantime. Also, you can conveniently finish up a Felons for a beer by the water! Then, it'd be nice to stroll into Happy Boy in the valley for a late lunch! This will more than likely take you into sunset territory, so ideally you could perch up for a nice picnic at New Farm Park to finish off the day. Nice and wholesome, get around nature, be close to friends, all the good stuff! Hopefully singing songs with friends will be included somewhere in the day as well."

Do you have any go-to restaurants and bars?

"Happy Boy is a bit of a go-to for me. Food is so delicious! Caravanserai in West End is also super yummy and it has a nice cosy vibe. The End, Patio (Range Brewing) and Junk Bar are also great spots to have a drink! ALL TIME is El Planta in South Brisbane!"

How about a favourite cafe?

"I have a few that spring to mind! I love going to Florence in Camp Hill. It's got a great vibe, great coffee, killer food and delicious little treats! Plant Vibes in the Valley is so good and fully plant-based. Single-O has also just opened up in Newstead and I checked it out last week, YUM! I'm currently pouring coffees at Soul Revolver (Alderley) and Gastown (Ashgrove) so shout out to those two as well!"

If you could play a show with two local acts, who would they be and why?

"Ball Park Music (not The Pizzas) and The Veronicas tbh. Ball Park Music because they're probably my favourite band and I draw a heap of inspiration from them! They are just so fun, consistent, funny, and really capture the aus indie sound! The Veronicas because WHO WOULDN'T! They have so many bangers it's not funny and they seem super cool as well!"

From photographers to visual artists, videographers or booking agents, do you have any Brisbane creatives that you’d like to give a shout-out to?

"Darcy Goss Media x 1,000,000. Darcy and I have been working together for the past 18 months or so and she has been taking my studio and live shots! She's such a legend and so so good at what she does! Highly recommend her! Chris and Brodie at GRAIN / Social State have been doing great things for the Brissy scene for years as well, so shout-out to those legends.

I also can't go past Ruby and Dom! They used to be the music programmers and QMusic and have been doing amazing things for local artists for years. They're probably most well-known for being the programmers of BIGSOUND! Honestly don't know how they do it - such legends! Finally, special mentions again to Aidan Hogg. He has really helped mould my sound and you can really hear how amazing he is through my work and the other amazing artists he works with!"

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