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  • Brett Wood

Fitzroy Baby by Darcy Doe

Effortlessly cool new Yugambeh/ Gold Coast artist Darcy Doe invites listeners to take a dive into their whimsical corner of the neon-noir universe from which they’ve emerged with lush new dream pop single ‘Fitzroy Baby’, an ode to friendship and nights spent in the courtyard of a share-house and the too-loud bar on the corner. This stunning track is out on August 19.

Darcy Doe has hit the ground running with their debut single ‘Burn Me Down’ just released in March this year. It’s a softly sweet indie synth-pop number that explores the tendency toward self-sabotage in moments of chaos, and the ominous admission that things often get worse before they get better. With this new release, Darcy Doe is bound to create a stir.

Painting from a sophisticated sound palette, ‘Fitzroy Baby’ boasts punchy percussion and broad strokes of shimmering synths, amid plenty of thoughtfully-placed embellishments that strike a chord. It is all at once edgy, intimate and enchanting, and every clever detail turns up the brightness to spotlight the singer’s earnest and beautiful vocals.

‘Fitzroy Baby’ is a delicately written love letter to the nights shared with your best friends. It celebrates that special level of intimacy held in close friendships that we honestly don’t hear enough about. Darcy Doe elaborates:

“This is a song about a house on Kerr Street in Fitzroy, Melbourne, and the people that were in that house. So many nights we spent around a little wooden table in the concrete courtyard next to the clothes horse where we talked it all out, or in the too-loud bar on the corner, or the darkened curb for secret telling and a break from all the noise.”


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