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Q&A with Bri Clark

Bri Clark is set to release her album, Waiting, this Friday and staff writer Frankie Simmons snuck in some last minute questions about the upcoming release.

FS - What role did your mental health play in the writing of the songs on this album?

BC - So as you can imagine, this album doesn't come from a place of someone who is having the greatest time of their life haha. I was really anxious and I think writing the album was cathartic but then at times felt like I wasn't able to get the time and space away from the break up to be able to move forward.

FS - You share a very intimate and vulnerable experience with your listeners through this album, is it frightening to open up on such a personal level for everyone?

BC - So I actually didn't plan on doing the artist thing anymore or sharing this music when I first wrote it. I was writing songs for other artists and had gone through this break up so thought I'd just write a few songs with some friends to get the "breakup-ness" out of the way so I didn't cloud the other artists' sessions. Then a few people started hearing the songs and pushed me in the releasing direction, and I'm really glad about that.

FS - After working so hard on an album, do you feel relieved after releasing your work?

BC - So relieved. The whole industry has changed. The global pandemic for someone with a chronic illness is no laughing matter, and the way we engage with artists and content has totally changed. I definitely am glad to have it all released now, 3 years after it was written. As a very happy introvert, self promotion is not the easiest, so I'm happy that the album is finally out and can reach people who need to hear it.

FS - What is your favourite song on Waiting and why?

I think my favourite is Catch 22, it's the interlude of the album, but it was actually the first thing I wrote for the album when I first got to Sydney.

FS - These songs all have very sombre tones of heartbreak in them, is it bittersweet to be writing these lyrics?

BC -These songs were all written three years ago in the space of a month, so at the time it was bittersweet. But now I look back on the songs and feel really proud that I was able to create something so special and beautiful.

FS - Did the album turn out how you had hoped and expected?

BC - Sam Sakr (my producer) and I spent 6 weeks in the studio painstakingly creating the album. It was an absolute labour of love. It turned out exactly how we had hoped and expected!

FS - When reflecting upon your songs individually in the album, does it make you sad to remember what you once felt or proud to see how far you have come since?

BC - It doesn't make me sad at all! It's a timestamp from that part of my life where I learnt a lot about relationships and creating a cohesive body of work that I can be proud of. I never regret writing music about the way I'm feeling, it's super purgative and the way I make sense of things. It's cheaper than therapy, HAHA, but sometimes therapy is the better option.

FS - What is some of the best advice you have received that you think about in life?

BC - People will tell you how they will treat you, it's your job to listen to them when they do.

FS - When performing an album like Waiting live, are you influenced heavily by the audience's reaction and engagement with the songs?

BC - Yes absolutely. I wish I wrote more happy music so it doesn't feel really heavy to come to a gig, but I've just never been able to do that for myself - definitely for others!

FS - You have such an individual and authentic sound when it comes to lyricism, do you feel like anyone has impacted or inspired your songwriting?

BC - The big four I guess, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Julia Michaels and Sara Bareilles. I love a power lyricist/balladeer.


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