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Pastures Share BTS Studio Diary For 'The Garden'

Sydney's Pastures return with dynamic new single 'The Garden' and share some snaps from the recording studio!

Continuing to thrive off the back of a natural performance chemistry and innate feel for writing great melodies and hooks, Sydney indie five-piece Pastures serve up their next single and chapter with new single, ‘The Garden’.

Following on from their track ‘Sweet Desires’ earlier in 2023, Pastures build upon strong foundations here; ‘The Garden’ has been an opportunity for Pastures to push themselves in the studio, capturing rejuvenated energy under the guidance of co-producer and engineer, Oscar Saran (Coconut Cream).

Working with Saran out of his home studio in Sydney, Pastures hit upon a great rhythm and developed ‘The Garden’ in an organic way. Says songwriter Dylan Bender of their new single,

“Every song we recorded with Oscar (Saran) was such a treat, but we had a particularly fun time recording ‘The Garden’. Oscar really took a shine to this song, which was really nice, so we spent a fair bit of time experimenting with textures and tones to bring the song to life a bit. Tom [Pollock] has such a magic touch for a catchy indie guitar lead and I think that talent of his really shines on this track. Watching him lay down the lead parts was a joy.” DYLAN BENDER, PASTURES

"As the garden is one of our tracks where for the drums, less is more, it was an exciting project to really step back and focus the theme of the beat towards enhancing the emotion crafted by the harmonic elements, and really aid the transition from section to section in this lovely narrative. There isn’t really a repeating section of the drums throughout which I feel really allows the guitars, keys, vocals and bass to shine and lead whilst adding a necessary element of variation and movement. It’s a track that really plucks at the heartstrings, and all of the individualities we all bring to our instruments combine superbly."



1. Tom’s guitar lead “There is this beautiful, catchy guitar lead in the bridge at around 2:09, and Tom wrote it literally the night before we recorded guitars for The Garden. He sent me a voice message at like 10pm the night before and was like ‘what do you think of this?’ and I was just like ‘fuck yeah that has to be in it’”. - Dylan


2. Sam’s drumming

Watching Sam drum is such a treat. He’s so tight, and he just nailed his parts for the Garden. They sound like him, they sound unique, but he didn’t need to go over the top to achieve that – he just matched the emotion of the song perfectly. I honestly think it only took him a couple of takes and he was done.” – Dylan


3. Laidback “By far one of the best parts of tracking the Garden was just hanging out. We all got on with Oscar so well, so it just felt like a bunch of mates having a good time. We would break for lunch and have a beer outside on Oscar’s property just chatting shit until we had to get back to tracking. It was so wholesome and so fun”. - Dylan

“The laidback, somewhat informal setting of the recording process had a massive influence on the end result. To feel so relaxed and be in such a jolly state made the entire process pure joy and not at all a chore” - Sam


4. Guitar layering

“We got a bit carried away with the layers on this one haha. Me, Tom and Oscar recorded so many guitar tracks, with so many different tones, acoustic, electric, 12 string, 100 different pedals, it just kept going. I think guitar tracking for the Garden was our longest session because of this.” - Dylan


As they look ahead to a new year of music and opportunities, the release of ‘The Garden’ repositions Pastures as part of Sydney’s latest crop of fresh talent to be keeping one’s eye on. Where ‘Sweet Desires’ this year introduced the group to more audiences on their home turf, and to many others in other cities, Pastures is a band that has been building on their craft together since their debut in 2020.

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