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Naarm Punktress Mathilde Anne Knocks Out The Competition With New Single & Music Video

A taste of Mathilde Anne's forthcoming debut album, scheduled for release later this year, Crime Scene Cadillac is a cathartic expression of giving into temptation, sprinkled with clever moments that entice and enrapture, building to a beautifully haunting finale.

Inspired by Lorde, Sir Chloe, and Arctic Monkeys as well as her own personal struggles, dark humour, and a little bit of witchcraft, Mathilde Anne delivers the perfect combination of fierce punk rebellion, haunting vocals, and catchy pop hooks.

“Crime Scene Cadillac essentially focuses on the idea of loving what isn’t good for you despite knowing that it may very well kill you. Whether it’s a person/an action or a substance… you just can’t get enough of it,” Mathilde explains.

“This song voices my own personal experiences with addiction and poor relationships and that feeling of living the pain. Much like buying an extra large packet of Cheetos and eating it while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you know that it isn’t going to end well, but you just can’t stop!”

The song instantly draws you in with edgy guitar, soon followed by Mathilde’s sweet vocals. Her range is displayed as the chorus builds and she breaks out in rock and lyric. You feel her sound surround you and leak into your head, forcing you to dance it out. The lyrics tell a story of the desire and pleasures of the body and mind. It’s easy to get lost in the sound, but for this song, I recommend listening to the passion and drive behind Mathilde’s recount of her life. Let the funky groves please your ears when listening to this hot new track.

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