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  • Ava Cooper

Melbourne Band, Eggy, Play Brisbane

Melbourne band, Eggy, sure knows how to spend an afternoon in Brisbane. With help from Jet Black Cat Music, of course. Last Sunday, Bunyapa Park was filled with spectators keen to see some live music.

Everso started off with a bang. Bringing back the legendary saxophone featured at some of their recent gigs. They showed up and they showed up to impress. With their crisp originals, you can tell they’ve been working hard.

Lunar Dirt then took the audience’s expectations and threw them out the window. Whipping out bubble & smoke machines, then jumping on stage to get going. The three-piece band, consisting of two synth-players and a drummer have energetic and intense riffs that got everyone dancing. The bubble & smoke machines were a hit as well, creating a sea of smoke-filled bubbles to really set the scene.

It was then time for the highly-anticipated Eggy. By then, the park was full and ready for something funky. Eggy rocked up wearing shorts and big fat smiles across their faces. Their songs were groovy and fun, but there was an edge to them. You never quite knew what was going to happen next. Their songs are relatable and joyful, with a weirdness that keeps you guessing.

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