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  • Belle Radman

Let's Hang with 'High Tropics,' (And His Girlfriends)

Sunshine Coast indie act, High Tropics has officially returned with a self-produced new track, 'Girlfriends'.

Artist, High Tropics, looking directly at camera wearing a leather jacket.

'Girlfriends' is a sublime indie-rock exemplar, charmingly telling a story of heartbreak while enveloping the listener in a sun-drenched soundscape. Infectious guitar leads merge effortlessly with the lead vocal melodies to create delectable hooks, as rich hi-hats and ride cymbals thicken the atmosphere. The endearing narrative is topped with the track's choruses, providing glowing encouragement to the listener that hope is still on the horizon.

On the track, High Tropics says "'Girlfriends' is a down-and-out love song that doubles as a love letter to the green queen Mary Jane. Written during the healing process of a six-year relationship ending, it's a song about picking yourself up and moving on."

Cheerfully telling a beautiful story about heartbreak, 'Girlfriends,' is a hopeful and motivating track, that anyone is set to enjoy.




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