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  • Xander Shepherd

'Lastlings' Deliver What You Want

Lastlings have done it again. The Gold Coast, electronic, sibling duo of Amy and Josh Dowdle have finally graced fans with a fresh new track ‘Get What You Want’. It’s been over a year since their last release, fans eagerly awaiting for the next chill experience Lastlings are known for creating.

The band sounds like no other, fusing their Australian and Japanese heritages, in order to create vast and expansive landscapes, encasing the listener in the created world. Winning a Queensland Music Award in 2021 for their surrealist music video for ‘Out Of Touch’, shows how capable of intricately explaining philosophical ideas the duo are, often challenging these through their gorgeously built soundscapes, where you can imagine the landscape in your mind whilst listening to the different components of the piece.

‘Get What You Want’ is no exception to this rule, creating similar feelings and soundscapes to their 2020 debut album First Contact, which also enjoyed exploring philosophical ideas such as deceit, déjà vu, and perception of time. This track focuses on autonomy, are you truly in control of your own actions, or is someone else controlling them, a higher power? Or maybe even someone closer than you’d expect.

Amy Dowdle, the vocalist of the duo, sings “now, I've got a lot of enemies, that live inside my head.” This helps to communicate that the protagonist isn’t always in control of their actions. Which begs the question, are they in control of any of their actions. Or is everything just a pre-decided choice by some sort of higher power. “Gotta get what you want” is something said by a cut-away voice during the dark, cave-like choruses. This is also Amy’s voice and acts as one of the voices the protagonist is hearing, pushing them to do things they don’t necessarily want to do.

The instrumentation of ‘Get What You Want’ is quite standard for a Lastlings song, seemingly endless, smooth synths, spanning across the ocean. These synths ignite imagination and create images in the mind of listeners. They make up the melody, bass and everything in between, being the glue of the track. Another key feature of course are the vocals. The vocal tone is quite melancholic and mysterious, peering over the wall to check if it’s safe on the other side. A familiar dance beat from the drums truly clamps the whole sound together. Even though it takes place in the background of the track, you’d be able to feel it on the dance floor and more importantly hear it during casual listening, bopping your head along to it.

Overall, Lastlings’ newest track ‘Get What You Want’ is a transcending experience, questioning the choices we make day to day. Through its deep house instrumentation, and great sung lyrics, the song is perfect for casual listening and club use. If you enjoy any kind of electronic music or relaxing music, this song will grab you. Lastlings will be going on tour as part of the Falls Festival lineup for 2022/23.

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