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  • Bert Sampson

Krave, shifting shapes

Shapeshifting, the latest release from Brisbane heavy rockers, Krave, is all that we've come to expect from this local three-piece. The new single is a progression from their earlier work and the production value of the track is first class.

Siana Davis' vocals are pitch perfect and she soars above the drums and guitars but then gets down and dirty with a hardcore growl. Each time I hear Davis sing I am immediately reminded of Amy Lee of Evanesce.

Shapeshifting starts with a lone guitar, noodling out a melody before it is met by the drums at the 10 second mark. The vocals kick in at the 20 second mark and the lyrics give us an insight to the theme of the track. "Shapeshifting turning to the inside" This is one introspective song. It's also beautifully melodic and heavy af.

Shapeshifting on all platforms June 23rd

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