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  • India Wallis

King Blue's Top 5 Break-Up Tips

Having carved a name for themselves in Western Australia’s strong indie-rock scene, King Blue have now capitalised on momentum from the success of previous singles ‘Games’, Breathless’ & ‘Pity Love’ to introduce their rapidly emerging fanbase to their debut EP, ‘Through A Screen’.

Photo by: Ashlee Tough

Combining the juxtaposition of both soulful and emotional, alongside upbeat and coastal, King Blue’s talent shines through in each song, showcasing a different side of the West Coast quintet in each track. A carefully curated body of 5 tracks, ‘Through A Screen’ soars at just the right moments, with intimate instrumentation tugging at heartstrings when needed, King Blue’s impeccable musical timing shining through.

Today, they share with us their top 5 break-up tips!

1. Let the grieving begin. You’ve gotta feel a bit sorry for yourself in the beginning. My #1 way of doing that is the classic binge watching of my favourite sit-com with my best comfort food.


2. Write a song about it. Or paint. Or run. Or do whatever it is that can channel the overwhelming emotions that you’ll no doubt be feeling.


3. Once you’ve gotten the self pity out of the way, I think it’s always a good idea to hang out with some friends and do something fun to get your mind off things.


4. Get to know yourself a little more. Sometimes you can lose yourself in a relationship, do things that make you happy and find who you are again.


5. Don’t get hung up on it! Break-ups are just a part of life, it happens to everyone so just think of it as a learning experience and remember to do things that bring you joy!!


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