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Josh Setterfield Interview: New Track 'Stay', His Fans, & Tour Life

Josh Setterfield shares his charming single 'Stay' - a feel-good track that will get you screaming the chorus at the top of your lungs, after returning back to Australia from his successful 'Kinda World Tour'. Not only has Setterfield shared 'Stay' and his EP 'Rise', but has also announced his first Australian headline show.

"These people are the reason I keep pushing on and keep giving every ounce of energy to what I do."

Josh’s career has skyrocketed throughout 2023, which has seen his audiences grow immensely as they discover the charismatic, engaging, and highly entertaining stage show that Josh is bringing to country music. He stands out not just in Australia but worldwide, after embarking on his first ever ‘Kinda World Tour’, playing shows and festivals across the US, Canada, and the UK this year.

We had the pleasure of talking to the man himself about his fantastic new single, and more!

You’ve recently returned from the US and Canada leg of your ‘Kinda World Tour’. What did you enjoy most about being overseas?

"Ahhh that’s such a hard question because everywhere we went on the tour, there was a new highlight.

The shows, the crowds, the adventures, the traveling with my band, the exploring and seeing new places. The entire thing was an ‘enjoyed most’ highlight haha"

You’ve released three great tunes this year ‘Life Ain’t So Bad’ and ‘Feelin Love’, and your latest addition ‘Stay’ from your ‘Rise’ EP. You debuted the track live at Gympie Music Muster this year and the crowd loved it! What do you love most about the track?

"It’s funny you ask this, I was chatting to our manager the other day about this exact topic! Stay is the kind of tune that gets stuck in your head, for me it’s the melody and the overall sound and vibe of the song that gets me hyped. My producer, Adam Newcomb smashed this one out of the park!"

Your upcoming headline show is generating a lot of excitement. VIP tickets are already sold out! How does it feel to be gearing up for a show in Brisbane that is your very own headline performance?

"It’s half relief, half ‘time for work’ feelings haha.

A lot of people have said that this is an overdue thing for us to do, and we agree. We’ve held off for a while now, but only because we’ve been searching for the right venue to bring our style of show to the crowds.

We don’t do this as any old ‘get on a stage and make some noise’ routine. We want the audience to leave entertained and wanting to do it all over again the second the band leaves the stage, so it feels great to be finally doing that and just showing what we’re all about!"

What can fans expect from this performance?

"Energy… lots of energy and maybe a lost voice the next day haha. It’s going to be a big night."

You can buy tickets to Josh Setterfield's Brisbane Headline Show HERE

The choice of venue can definitely impact the concert experience. How did you decide on the venue for your headline show, and how does the atmosphere contribute to the overall vibe you're aiming for?

"We wanted a place that had a big show vibe, in a mid-sized venue. As I said before, venue choice was a big thing for us. We don’t want some place that we put on a show because it’s all we could get.

I had a list, and Arcana ticked all the boxes. I’ve just been looking for a great vibe and night for everyone involved."

Your fans have shown amazing support throughout your career, and you’ve even got a ‘Team Setterfield’ Facebook group with them all! How does it feel to have such a supportive fanbase?

"It’s everything to me, honestly! These people are the reason I keep pushing on and keep giving every ounce of energy to what I do. I want the shows to be 200% for them, I want the songs we release to be their new favourite track each time.

I love what I do, and I wouldn’t do anything else, so to have such incredible support means more than anyone will ever know."

Join Team Setterfield Facebook Group HERE

You’ve been doing some serious touring with your ‘Kinda World Tour’. How do you and your team handle the challenges of life on the road, and are there any memorable stories or experiences you've shared as a group during tours?

"We deal with challenges by the edge of our seat apparently haha. We have had some pretty big roadblocks come up along the way, but I have the best team there is, so we always work through it and come out the other side.

Every single trip we do, whether it be a local or international trip, memories are made every time.

We have a ‘thing’ that started this year called ‘Life Ain’t So Bad moments’, named after my song of the same title. They’re basically just moments that make you realise how lucky you are, or how incredible life can be. It hits you at random times and fills your heart, and being on the road with these guys is definitely one of them."

Pictured: Josh Setterfield and team, Canada, 2023

L-R Ian Collins (drums), Dayna Wright (manager), Josh Setterfield, India Raine (bass), Mick Altholwood (guitar)

Fans love watching you, your band, and your manager get up to fun and mischief on tour through the JSTV vlog on your YouTube channel. Can we expect more episodes in the near future?

"VERY soon! Once this release is out you may or may not be seeing them make a comeback with brand new adventures. Mick has a lot of things to ‘review’ (watch the episodes to get what I mean).

Do you have a favourite upcoming JSTV moment that you can share with us?

"My drummer likes red frogs. That’s all I will say haha."

With the world tour wrapping up and the headline show approaching, what are your plans for the future? Any new projects or collaborations on the horizon?

"Well this EP ‘RISE’ is just the start of something bigger. I’ve got brand new tracks in the bank that we are ready to show the world, and I’m probably the proudest and most excited I’ve ever been right now to release what we have coming.

The upcoming show is just the start of headline shows in Australia, so keep an eye out for more very soon!

All in all, my plan is to reach as many people as possible with my music, if they love it, welcome aboard!"

With over 6 million streams, multiple top 5 radio singles and international radio support. Josh has also performed at Australia’s biggest country music festivals including Gympie Muster, Groundwater Country Music Festival, Deni Ute Muster and in 2024 will make his debut at Australia’s most prestigious, CMC Rocks. The sold-out festival attracts some of the world's biggest country stars and in 2024 will feature Tyler Hubbard, Lainey Wilson and Chris Young.

So turn your speakers up loud, blast Setterfield's latest track 'Stay' and get ready for his big 2024!

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