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  • India Wallis

Introducing: Yelo - 5 Facts About The Emerging Singer Songwriter

A shy bass player turned one-woman act, Yelo is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne, telling stories of heartbreak, love, and hope through song.

Growing up in Brisbane and moving to Melbourne after school to study music, she never intended on writing or performing solo. With her origins firmly planted in metal and rock as a bass player, the singer was always thrilled to play a supporting role on stage. She had never stepped into her own light as an artist, despite always having written lyrics and music in private.


5 Facts About Yelo

1. "My favourite band is Metallica (I flew to San Francisco just to see them play with the SF Symphony Orchestra)"

2. "My favourite vocalist is Ella Fitzgerald"

3. "My mum taught me to play The Beatles songs on guitar when I was 7"

4. "I am happiest when I’m swimming / in the ocean"

5. "I was asked to join a band as a bassist at 16. I’d never played one before but I was so desperate to join a band, I said yes and went home and learnt the songs on a friend’s bass in two days"


When the pandemic hit Melbourne, the singer turned inwards and before she knew it, she had written a sizable catalogue of solo folk/pop songs. After finally deciding to step up onto the stage at an open mic at Melbourne’s own Brunswick

Ballroom, Yelo finally realised her joy of sharing her art with the world. She quickly took a shine to performing live and connecting with the crowd.

Yelo’s debut release ‘Birthday’ is no exception, with lyrics that are both literal and layered with metaphor, and a gentle yet soulful vocal delivery, carrying emotions that leave listeners both affected and curious. In the wake of Yelo's debut release, anticipation is already building for the promising trajectory of her musical journey. Possessing a rich tapestry of genre influences, her songwriting promises to captivate a wide spectrum of music enthusiasts and will undoubtedly resonate with a diverse audience.

Yelo plans to record and release more of her songs before the end of 2023 with an EP in the works for next year.

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