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  • Emma Ray

Introducing: noyse! With His Debut Track 'Mister Blue'

The young Meanjin/Brisbane based noyse! started his music journey as a producer, experimenting with all different types of hip-hop subgenres in late 2021. Now, he shares his debut track 'mister blue' the energetic, trap and dance track. We had the chance to talk to noyse! recently.

Photo Credit: India Wallis

In recent times, he has found his sound and currently writes, produces, mixes and performs hip-hop and r&b music all from the space of his own bedroom. noyse!’s music style consists of boom-bap, trap, dance, new r&b, and alternative hip hop, with an energetic and playful feel.

His main inspirations in creating his music consists of Tyler, the Creator, redveil, Childish Gambino, Daniel Caeser and JID. noyse! is constantly creating new music and has big plans for future releases, performances, music videos and other forms of art in relation to his music.

'mister blue' uses a pitched up sample with many chops and electronic drums, as well as a catchy rhythm and flow of vocals to evoke a happy and light feel. With a significant dance outro that continues to hook the listener in, the song is jam-packed with its playful lyrics and feel. The instrumental was arranged and produced all from noyse!’s bedroom, with the lyrics also written and recorded in the same space.

Congrats on your debut track! What made you choose 'mister blue' for the debut release? "Thank you! I chose 'mister blue' to be released as my first single because I feel the song is so accessible and easy to listen to, and it’s a song that most people can listen to regardless of what genre they listen to. It is also just a very energetic, carefree song and I liked that feeling that the track gave, so I thought it would be best as my first single."

Photo Credit: India Wallis

It's a really fun and vibrant song, what artists helped inspire you when creating this track? "I’ve always had a love for Tyler, the Creator’s vibrant nature. He was actually the person that got me into Hip Hop and RnB to begin with. I also have recently been taking inspiration from redveil in his sampling nature and how he mixes his songs, so definitely a big inspiration when it came to making the instrumental for 'mister blue'."

Can we expect a live show somewhere down the line? "100%. Live shows will definitely be happening eventually! Hopefully sometime this year, we have some ideas in the work so definitely looking into it."

Photo Credit: India Wallis

Do you have another single up your sleeve that you'll be sharing soon? "Always - so definitely stay tuned for that. These next singles will be slightly different from 'mister blue' and I am very excited for everyone to hear what I have in mind and in the works."

And lastly, any final words you'd like to share? “'mister blue' is just the beginning and I’m very excited for everyone to see what I have planned next because its huge."

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