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  • Emma Ray

Introducing: KICKED-IN BICKIE TIN, The Band From The Bush

From the rich black soil plains of Moree in North-West New South Wales sprouts energetic three-piece garage-rock band, KICKED-IN BICKIE TIN. Since starting out as a collective of musicians with an open-door policy, over time the band has evolved into a tight-knit 3-piece ensemble, crafting a unique style of Aussie garage-rock with a ‘less is more’ philosophy.

Comprised of local Gamilaraay man Shaun Mills on lead vocals/guitar, his cousin Zach Hauser on drums/backing vocals, along with their good mate John Fing on bass, the fun-loving trio hopes to put their regional hometown, Moree on the nation’s radar with their debut track ‘Floor’. ‘Floor’ hopes to raise awareness of substance abuse and depression, inspired by personal events close to the members of the band.

Sounding somewhere in between Skegss, Violent Soho, and The Strokes, KICKED-IN BICKIE TIN’s debut single ‘Floor’ explores the events of witnessing a loved one suffer through stages of drug addiction and depression. Turning to songwriting to get through tough times, ‘Floor’ is a story that frontman Shaun had previously not been ready to tell until the song came to fruition.

“I didn’t really cope well going through those situations, writing music was what helped me,” said frontman Shaun looking back on the origins of the song. Despite its sombre lyrical theme, ‘Floor’ is a lively rip-roaring track driven by pulsing mosh-ready rhythms and a huge anthemic sing-along chorus that reflects the upbeat nature of these boys from the bush.

‘Floor’ is just the first taste of what’s to come from KICKED-IN BICKIE TIN, who started out jamming in Shaun and Zach’s nan’s shed. With a solid handful of songs up their sleeve, you can expect an EP showing what these three mates from out in the sticks have to offer by the end of 2023.

Connect with KICKED-IN BICKIE TIN here



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