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Introducing: Elke Schon, With Her Moody, Intimate Single ‘Still Hurts’

Elke Schon is an alternative pop singer-songwriter from the Gold Coast, Australia. Coming back from her debut single ‘Talk To Me’, her latest single ‘Still Hurts’ explores the theme of love-hate relationships. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Jeff Buckley, Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey, Elke has gone her own way of creating her own indie-pop song.

‘Still Hurts’ begins with acoustic guitar and intimate vocals that lure you in and slowly builds with dreamy, layered guitars and heavy-hitting drums. Lyrically, the theme includes vulnerable and emotive words that reflect the heaviness of the song. The outro of the song includes emotive yelling with the lyrics “Can’t get it out, out of my head, cling to what’s left, losing my breath”.

‘Still Hurts’ was recorded at Queensland University of Technology’s recording studio as part of the Vermillion High compilation album project, along with 12 other artists. Produced by Tom Megalos, the track features layered guitars, vocals, drums, bass and piano.

“Recording as part of this project was a great experience as it allowed me to experiment with different music styles and open myself up to new genres.” - Elke

Up next, Elke plans on taking the next big step into her music career by releasing some new songs as well as booking more gigs in 2023. Elke also hints at an upcoming EP release further down the track of her musical career. You can find Elke’s 'Still Hurts' along with 'Talk To Me' on all streaming platforms.

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