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Introducing: Allegra Neve With Debut Single 'Rewind'

Delivering hair-raising soundscapes, intoxicating melodies and a voice that could melt metal, lofi indie rock / alt-pop singer-songwriter Allegra Neve is today making her eagerly-awaited debut with dark and decadent single ‘Rewind’.

Splitting her time between Meanjin/Brisbane and Eora/Sydney, Allegra has already established herself as one to watch in the Australian music scene, awarded the Josh Pyke Partnership in 2021 and the Women in Music mentorship in 2022.

Now, venturing deep into her psyche, Allegra shows introspection beyond her years in ‘Rewind’ as she touches on her own insecurities relating to social anxieties and the feeling of spiralling out in public situations.

“This single is about crippling social anxiety that can control what I do and when I do it,” Allegra explains.

“For me, it's like the feeling everyone's eyes are watching and the spiralling out of control feeling I face when walking around alone in a crowd. Like time runs backwards and my thoughts are numb. Trying to look confident but melting on the inside.”

Collaborating with producer Tom Eggert, Allegra was able to create a haunting shadowscape filled with chugging guitars, wheeling riffs and ominous whispers to compliment her self-reflective style of lyricism.

Influenced by a melting pot of genres and artists spanning decades, including Lana Del Rey, Cage The Elephant, Radiohead and The Pixies, Allegra Neve finds inspiration lurking around every corner of her life, and mind.

“I tend to draw inspiration from experiences I have had and the weird things my strange brain manages to conjure up, like bizarre little dark movies that play in my head.”

With her unique sound and obsession with transforming her innermost thoughts into mesmerising melodies paired with enticing, angst-infused lyricism, Allegra Neve is making a strong debut with ‘Rewind’, a thrilling preview of much more to come.

Boasting youthful exuberance and a penchant for out-of-the-box creativity, Allegra Neve is a teen singer-songwriter living on a steady diet of two-minute noodles and decadent melodies. Born with songs in her heart, Allegra can’t remember a time when she wasn’t surrounded and inspired by music, already writing songs and performing from the ripe age of four. In the years since, Allegra Neve has continued to hone her craft, finding inspiration from varying artists and genres, as well as the dark, and sometimes surreal movies that occupy her mind.

Expertly blending the melancholy of Lana Del Ray with the grit of Cage The Elephant and sprinkled with the sounds of eras past including Radiohead and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Allegra has the ability to transform real emotions, life experiences and vivid stories from her mind into spine-tingling soundscapes, that speak to the delicious darkness we can’t help but gravitate towards.

When she’s not tinkling in her elaborate homemade studio or revamping vintage guitars, you can find Allegra on the stage, captivating audiences with a live presence that has been described by The Underground Stage as “​​comforting, unnerving, soaring, and brilliant".

Allegra Neve has already made a significant impact in the Australian music scene, establishing herself as one to watch. Her talent and dedication have earned her prestigious accolades such as the Josh Pyke Partnership in 2021 and the Women in Music mentorship in 2022. Now, with the release of her highly anticipated debut single 'Rewind,' Allegra Neve is ready for the world to hear her music, and see her soul...

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