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Interview with Blind Corners

Toby Angus, lead singer of the Tamborine Mountain (Yugambeh) based band, Blind Corners, answers some questions for staff writer Frankie Simmons about what it's like living there as a musician!

From left: Joshua (bass), Jay (electric guitar), Martin (drums), Toby (vocals)

Blind Corners describe themselves as surf-rock music. They bring phenomenal vibes to any venue by uniting people with dance. They perform mostly at local venues but have also opened for artists like Glass Beams and Paul Kelly. Loosen your limbs and dance the night away when listening.

I asked singer, Toby, some questions about his experience in the music industry.

How did you find the process of getting regular gigs? Was it stressful? Simple? Did it all seem to come naturally?

"Getting good gigs can be tricky, but we found by playing at a range of venues whether they pay well or not (whilst staying true to yourself and your value) allows for the exposure to get better opportunities. We found good gigs will come to you when you put yourself out there and build a following whether it's local or much larger."

If your band could open any show for an artist who would it be and why?

"L.A.B would be one of my top choices as they bring such a great crowd and contagious energy and I would love to be absorbed in that whilst playing."

Image: @fair_media_

Living in a small community like Tamborine Mountain, do you feel that your band has additional benefits that others may not have in say, Brisbane?

"Yes and no, because Tamborine Mountain is such a small community everyone is very close and we can bring lots of friends and family to our gigs however it is also a double and you really have to get off the mountain into the city where there is a bigger scene and more opportunities to get involved in."

Do you hope to continue the band's relationship into university/traveling times (as you finish school and begin to find your own paths)?

"Yes, we all feel really connected and committed to the band while building our own paths and personal goals. Recently, we have been given some opportunities which have been great for getting some momentum and we hope to keep that up and build it further."

Image: @fair_media_

How do you think the dynamic of being in a band has affected your relationship with the men?

"I think being in a band can be compared to a marriage in some ways as you all need to be able to rely on each other, be super open and honest, and truly enjoy what you are doing together.

Like all relationships there are difficulties but we found that when we just have an open discussion about the things that are bothering us it tends to solve most things and will make us closer in the end. Having a shared connection through music is a very special feeling and something I love about our band."

Image: @fair_media_

What effect are you hoping to achieve on the audience with the original songs your band writes/performs?

"We get most of our buzz from playing live as that is when we can bounce off the crowd. The best part of playing for us is seeing the crowd respond in a joyful way and dance with no regrets."

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