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INTERVIEW: The Local Romance Share Debut Single 'Babylon'

Photo credit: Gabi Rankine Creative

The Local Romance (TLR) is thrilled to announce the release of their debut single,


'Babylon' is realising that you fell too hard - the ancient city that was said to be

indestructible falling to rubble, similar to the false sense of thinking you found the


Driven drums, biting bass, gritty guitars, and Velvety Vocals all combine to make

this musical powerhouse captivate audiences from the first chord struck.

In under a year, Meanjin/Brisbane-based TLR has transitioned from launching neighborhood dive bars to gracing stages alongside a diverse array of Australian acts, while also sharing billing with renowned bands like Fall Out Boy, I Prevail, Tapestry, and others, courtesy of their victory at the 2023 Destroy All Lines Good Things Band Competition, which earned them a spot to perform at the festival.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single, Babylon! How did you all meet, and when did you form?

Zephram Chambers (vocals): "We all met at University about 2 years ago. As one of our assessments in Trimester 3 we were tasked to form a band and write originals which we would then perform on stage later that tri. It was for this assessment that we initially wrote Babylon. After receiving a great response from the audience about our performance we all unanimously agreed we should continue doing this outside of university. Since then we haven’t looked back

You recorded the track with Jono Frowd at Hunting Ground Studios, what was your first recording experience like?

Kyle Jake Byrne (GTR): "Amazing! All of us actually had previously recorded demos and all that for our songs and songwriting process but working with someone like Jono in an atmosphere where we could mess around with synths and effects as such as absolutely amazing, the guys would also say the cold brew and soda was the highlight but I wasn’t a fan myself"

You ended 2023 on a high by winning the Destroy All Lines 2023 Good Things Band Competition, earning you a spot on the festival lineup. Do you have any favourite moments from the festival?

Caelan Sprott (Drums): "Walking into the artist compound was for sure a highlight, getting seeing so many artists I've looked up to for years and being at a talking kind of face to face perspective. Being on stage and looking out at all the people around was super cool as well.

Kyle Jake Byrne (GTR): Can for sure agree with Caelan, I remember meeting one of my favourite bands back stage and trying to stay cool without seeming like the hugest fan girl was almost impossible"

How do you approach live performances, and what do you believe sets your stage presence apart?

Matthew Hay (bass): "We all kinda refuse to be embarrassed on stage. If things like that stop us from giving 100% for an entire set, Why play? It doesn't matter if it's a small crowd or a big stage, the audience is there, we're not gonna give them a subpar show.

What's next for TLR in 2024? Do you have more singles in the works?

Matthew Hay (bass): "TLR World Domination of course (kidding). We’ve got a few unannounced shows coming and we are working on so much new material. But that’s a secret , can’t show our hands just yet!"

Where can our readers see your next live performance?

All: "We’ve actually got a GC show next week, other than that we’re playing our own headline show at the Tomcat on March 16th with some other absolutely amazing bands! Tickets are flying out the door but make sure you get in fast!"

Find tickets HERE

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