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  • India Wallis

Indie-Rockin' Cowboys 'The Silver Spurs' Share Debut Single The Wanderer

The Silver Spurs are the new cowboy band with sounds of indie-rock and funk ready to launch into the music scene. Based in Brisbane, the band has brought an unheard sound and a buzz to the local music scene.

Formed in early 2022 at a dining table in an old Queenslander, The Silver Spurs set out to create a holistic new sound, combining inspiration from spaghetti western films and the contemporary flare of alternative indie-funk with a smack of grunge. The band share their debut single 'The Wanderer' out now.

The four-piece posse consists of the multi-faceted frontman and songwriter ‘City Slicker Curt’ – the incessantly earnest and talented lead-guitarist ‘Billy the Kid’ – the honourable and electrifying drummer Wrasslin Ryan – the scintillating and irreplaceable bassist Lucky ‘Lachy’ Anderson.

The track follows the story of a cowboy who has lost sight of who he wants to be. He is from the ranch, but his passions are lost at sea. The story is told alongside an array of depth filled melodies, an ear-worm hook and the band's sparkly indie flare.

Following a near sold out and electric launch at Black Bear Lodge, the band is ready to officially make their mark on the music scene.

The Silver Spurs are re-inventing what it means to take the form of a modern cowboy. Bringing unique and original tunes to the Australian music scene, the boys combine tales and characters that create The Silver Spurs western cinematic universe. Lookout for stray guitar solos, captivating vocal lines, killer fills, funkin' basslines, and unmistakable cowboy wit.

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