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  • Brett Wood

Hanni’s Dreams Making the High Yearbook

She might be a teenager and she might be still at school but look out for Hanni, after recently being announced in the Triple J Unearthed High Yearbook for 2019. She spoke to UMBR ELLA.

Your newest single “Wired” was only released a few weeks ago and already has over 24,000 streams on Spotify. Describe how this feels? Honest it feels amazing and heart-warming that so many people are listening and loving “Wired”, It really is crazy to have so many people supporting me and my dream! It genuinely just feels like I’m in a constant state of happiness because of how well “Wired” is doing as my first release.

Explain what you were aiming for with this single and how your expectations were filled… or exceeded? I guess for my first single release I was just aiming to get my name out as an artist and try to reach as many people as I could. My expectations were exceeded because the song got traction with Triple J and Triple J Unearthed which was an audience I was not expecting to reach, which is so exciting!

You say Olivia O’Brien is one of your biggest influences. Can you explain how? Olivia O’Brien and Sasha Sloan would have to be two of my biggest influences in the way that they create music though production while their lyrics in their songs are so direct and relatable but still catchy. All in all I just love their music and that where I see the direction of my music going.

Many reviews of “Wired” label it as having a minimalist sound. How would you describe your own music? I honestly would describe my own music to be chill but still poppy music, with cool production and relatable lyrics!

What do you have planned for the rest of the year? For the rest of the year I have at least one single on it’s way and maybe a single release but for now that’s all I’m going to say!!

You recently were placed in the Unearthed High Yearbook 2019, what exactly does this mean and… This just mean’s I get put onto a yearbook alongside some other amazing young artists that Triple J Unearthed think did an amazing job but couldn’t be finalists!

…What does it feel like to see your name in the Unearthed High Yearbook? Honestly I had no idea that it had happened until a friend told me, so it was pretty cool surprise to have HANNI in the yearbook alongside Creed Tha Kid and The Blockades (who go to the same school Music Industry College)!

When is your next single out…? Who are you collaborating with? The next single doesn’t have a date yet but keep your eyes peeled because it will be soon! And for the moment I’m just working with Marco as my producer!



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