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Go 'Nowhere' With Little Guilt

Nowhere by Little Guilt is dream pop at its finest. Tender, heartfelt lyrics wrapped up in a sonic silk cocoon. It's modern with a tinge of the reverb drenched sixties sounds of the Summer of Love.

‘Nowhere’ is sonically grounded by an acoustic guitar which seemingly thrums without beginning or end - like the eternal and ceaselessness of a gentle summer breeze. This single is a bittersweet sigh of youth, encapsulating the feeling of coming to terms with knowing yourself and finding comfort in the mundane of existence.

“Nowhere” is a song about procrastinating. It’s about wanting to do everything else but the thing you’re supposed to be doing. A very relatable topic for most people.” Little Guilt In a similar vein to front runners Middle Kids, Ball Park Music and Stella Donnelly, who also toe the line between indie-dream-pop and gentle rock, Little Guilt add their own highly refined take. They work together as not just a band, but as friends - each playing into their own strengths. This results in a refined and cohesive body of work that has found fans of the American Clairo ecstatic at Australia’s very own answer to the burgeoning need for gentle lo-fi, analogue-washed sounds. EP LAUNCH SHOWS Saturday, September 17th The Aardvark Fremantle, WA Tickets with Sago, Ken Paolo, Space Cadets & King Ibis Friday, October 14th The Sewing Room Perth, WA Tickets with Bush Telly & more


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