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  • Belle Radman

Get Your Heads Ready For Some Noise, Tia Gostelow Has Announced an Album!

Indigenous Australian singer-songwriter, Tia Gostelow, announces new album, Head Noise.

Image credit: MACAMI

The ARIA platinum artist, Tia Gostelow, has announced a follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut album Thick Skin. The highly-anticipated album is set to release on August 18, and fans cannot wait.

Promising to be a significant milestone in Tia's career, Head Noise will showcase her growth as a musician and songwriter. The album will feature ten tracks, including the already released single ‘Spring To Life’, that delve into the complexities of human emotion, exploring themes of heartbreak, safety, loss, and self-discovery.

Tia Gostelow has also released a new single from the album, called Sour,’ to give fans a taste for what's to come.

“’Sour’ stemmed from an interaction that I had with a guy flirting with me and me being blind to what was going on, but I definitely took the liberty of embellishing the story. I think this is a song that can be related to in so many different ways depending on who’s listening and how their story connects while listening to it. It could be a breakup song, it could be a song about an ex trying to slither their way back into your life, it could be anything you want it to be. I think that’s the beauty of songwriting,” says Tia on the track.

Over the last two years, Tia spent time soaking up experiences: conversations with friends, words on paper, and of course, an endless stream of playlist choruses. For Head Noise Tia worked with Producer Chris Collins (Middle Kids/Skeggs).

With the release of Head Noise, Tia is poised to take her career to the next level and cement her place as one of Australia's most exciting artists.


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