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  • India Wallis


'WHEN I GET SOBER' is deftly decorated with morality and intimacy, exposing the paradigm of human nature through iridescent indie music. With each of the tracks diving deep into vulnerabilities of the past, conducted faithfully by dual vocalists Tim Blunt and Ally Turner, FVNERAL's debut EP flourishes with emotive prowess, catharsis and sincere storytelling.

FVNERAL explain the themes behind 'WHEN I GET SOBER':

"'WHEN I GET SOBER' is ultimately a collection of songs about self-discovery and growth. The various songs are meditations on grief and loss ('EVER KNOWN'), falling in love ('CALIFORNIA STREET'), mental illness and the power of supportive relationships ('GOD DAMN LEDs'), moving beyond the gender binary and celebrating your true self ('GOODB(i)YE'), and the consequences of substance abuse ('SOBER').

Coming together to craft these songs truly saw the seven of us move from friends to chosen family, learning how to show up for each other in difficult times and how to find joy in overcoming them together. The EP is our attempt to articulate the heaviest parts of the human experience. It's allowed us to hold these experiences with warmth, hope and levity that we couldn’t have come close to creating by ourselves, and has allowed us to cultivate a space for each other that is gentle, inclusive, and comforting. Now we’re excited to invite the world to be part of this community too."

Formed after Tim Blunt and Ally Turner began writing and demoing songs in their bedrooms as a means of self-contained refinement, FVNERAL found its full strength when Jay Wennington and Jess Hope became involved in the creative and chromatic direction, helping the project exist at the intersection of song, film and visual art. The band will be debuting with their first live performance at the 'WHEN I GET SOBER' EP launch at The Vanguard in Eora/Sydney on Saturday, October 22.

Members of FVNERAL have worked alongside Australian favourites Birds of Tokyo and Stand Atlantic. They have also collaborated on creative projects with international powerhouses Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (UK), The Struts (UK) and Neck Deep (UK).




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