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  • Emma Ray

For The Dreamers And Deep Thinkers: Brisbane Duo Tragic Me Launch 'Cosmic Dust'

If you've ever gazed at the night sky and felt that urge for cosmic meaning, you're not alone. Tragic Me, the Brisbane-based pop punk/pop rock duo, understands this all too well and is ready to share this feeling with the universe, one listener at a time with their latest single ‘cosmic dust’ - out now.

Photo credit: Darcy Goss

After a recent lineup change, founding members Alex Thompson and Ben Rayson are back in orbit and ready to sprinkle their signature "happy-sad" stardust onto your playlist, with the contemplative single marking a new chapter in their musical journey.

'cosmic dust' confronts the existential ennui of modern life, serving as an anthem for those yearning for more. Frontman Alex Thompson describes 'cosmic dust' as

"a song for the dreamers and the deep thinkers who might be feeling lost in 'the ordinary life.' It speaks directly to those 2 am thoughts questioning if there's more to us than a 9-5 existence... surely there must be, right?"

Their new single 'cosmic dust' is the latest discovery in their cosmic journey, promising to bring a hearty dose of existential pondering to your thoughts. So listen in, rock out, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find your place in the universe.

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