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  • Emma Ray

FLAT BLACK Featuring Former 5FDP Guitarist Jason Hook Share New Track Ft Corey Taylor

Photo Credit: Travis Shinn

The former Five Finger Death Punch guitarist teamed up with a trio of young and talented musicians and signed with Fearless Records for its debut album, the details of which are TBA. The album, produced by Hook and Chris Collier (Korn), was recorded at both Hook's home studio and The Hideout. 

Now, the band has shared a fierce and fiery new single with NOTHING TO SOME, featuring a vocal cameo from Slipknot's Corey Taylor.

NOTHING TO SOME is a rager that is destined to land on year-end "best of" lists and in repeat rotation in your preferred music listening service. Bolstered by anthemic riffs, battering ram percussion, and full on rhythmic thrust, Taylor's vicious vocals sound as though he gargled with razor blades and battery acid before spewing his parts, and it's a beautiful thing. All of that, combined with a classic metallic influence that is threaded through the song, makes NOTHING TO SOME a seriously definitive moment for FLAT BLACK.

"NOTHING TO SOME features the brutal and unapologetic Corey Taylor," Hook says. "This guy is a bottomless pit of creativity and delivered a vocal that perfectly matched what I wanted for this track. The guitar solo is unique on the album in the way that I let it rip with no rhythm guitars underneath. Now that I'm in a one-guitar band, I could strip it down and let it be as raw as Corey is on the vocal track. I remember hammering out live takes with Rob pounding away next to me. It was inspiring."

The chemistry between the players in FLAT BLACK is palpable. And while FLAT BLACK's songs are built to take up real estate in the brains of fans for weeks at a time, the true nature of the band's material is meant to be experienced live. FLAT BLACK are now ready to hit the road and bring these brutal bangers to the masses live and in the flesh.

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