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Emerging Indie-Pop Artist sienna tenn Shares Debut Track

Emerging Meanjin/brisbane artist, sienna tenn, has arrived with a highly anticipated voice to the Australian music scene, infusing her soulful roots into nostalgic indie pop grooves.

Creating independently, sienna tenn forges a new path for young

people to connect with and share their experiences of love, loss, hope and

identity through powerful lyrics and intoxicating melodies.

She frequently connects with a multitude of artists globally through social

media, not only as a singer, but multi-instrumentalist (piano, drums, guitar),

opening her mind to new ways of music creation and understanding.

Her debut single, ‘it’s always you’ released on April 4th, is just the beginning of

her journey. With a little bit of love, hope, memories, and regret, ‘it’s always

you’, is the authentic encapsulation of a withering relationship and the

complex mixture of emotions this curates.

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