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  • India Wallis

Drops Elevating Debut EP 'Dream Machine'

Boorloo/Perth-based electronic artist Maver has recently revealed his invigorating debut EP 'Dream Machine' – produced by the artist himself, mixed by Lee Buddle (Gurrumul Yunupingu), and mastered by Wayne Sunderland (What So Not, Dom Dolla, Young Franco).

'Dream Machine' is five tracks of luscious electronic music, cascading through self-made soundscapes with rhythmic aptitude and dexterous production. Each track bears its own unique identity, providing purpose to the EP's narrative of flounders and ailment, flowing seamlessly into one another amidst stratums of synthesisers and ethereal melodies.

Maver talks about the process and themes behind 'Dream Machine':

"'Dream Machine' is an EP surrounded by the stories of miscommunication between people, the brain, and a nightmare disorder. A majority of the EP was made on lockdown video calls over the last two years and heavily revolved around how mental health interacts with relationships, isolation, and general well-being. The EP includes stories of how my nightmare disorder has affected myself and others, where my mental health has greatly impacted my relationships and the people around me.

A big part of improving my mental health has been opening up to people and exchanging stories and own experiences to help each other with our own perspectives. A big part of my writing process is collaborating with other people and it's something that I couldn't really do music without. All but one of the tracks included a collaboration.

This EP however has allowed me to unlock other artists' personalities and rebound my own through my production. My own style and sound follow from inspirations from past life experiences, and I feel the EP has a large variety of genres, rather than just being defined to one sound. Each idea that has been expanded on has become something special purely through choice collaboration."

The EP kicks off with the suitably titled 'Intro', offering atmospheric textures of bubbling polyphony, as it swells and transitions into the lead single 'Close Enough'. Revolving around adorably inviting vocals, it provides a glittering environment for its emotionally supporting themes. "It's about falling in love, feeling inspired by this person, and being infatuated with how they make you feel," Maver explains. "They'll be there for you in your journey and help give you the last push you need to achieve your goals."

At the midway point is the third track 'Scratches', a smooth groove and a radiantly attractive melody, supported by its synth-laden mix. "'Scratches' is a song inspired by lockdown and being trapped in a solitary space," Maver comments. "The song is also about looking out for someone you care about when they're not in a mentally good place, especially when spiraling out of control."

'Loose Ends' follows in its footsteps, initiated with syncopated keyboard chords and graceful vocals. A bouncing bass line ramps up the energy as harmonies stipulate the final touch for its striking hook, both danceable and revitalising with simple adjustments for variety in repetition.

The EP closes with the provocative recent single 'In My Head', pounding with captivating levels of synths and vocals. Saving one last energetic drive for the closing minutes, it caps off the EP with an imaginative, internal discussion about personal unrest.

"The song is about me coming to terms with my nightmare disorder and being content with facing them every night and having poor quality sleep," Maver concludes. "It is also about trying to take worries on your mind that you are dwelling on and either taking action if you can try and work on them now or attend to the problem at a better time and re-direct your attention to the present."




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