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  • Emma Ray

Dream Dali's Releases New Track 'Wandering' - Announce's Album 'Letters From The Light'

Brisbane/Meanjin’s Dream Dali direct their dreamy darkwave energy into their new alt-rock single, ‘Wandering’, ahead of their debut album ‘Letters From The Light’ set to drop on October 28.

Reinvigorating their momentum after their successful debut EP, Dream Dali released two singles this year, ‘Wicked Sunday’ and ‘Rosary’, setting the tone for what's to come in this debut album.

The trio's darkwave alt-rock has landed them a slot at BIGSOUND 2019 in their hometown and have come to the table with ‘Wandering’, the next offering from their debut album, ‘Letters From The Light’.

Renowned for their trance-inducing live performances, Dream Dali incorporate a holistic set of backdrop visuals, flashing white lights and noir-esque imagery which can be spotted in the accompanying art video for ‘Wandering’.

‘Wandering’ encompasses the feeling of being locked in a dark chasm of thoughts, but finding yourself working – picking the lock one pin at a time and pulling yourself out of its depths. Characterised by an illustrious beat and modulating synths, ‘Wandering’ creates a modern darkwave spin on British 80s club music by bringing alternative-rock bite and psychedelic delirium.

Dream Dali’s Aldous Emerson provides insight into the inspirations for ‘Wandering’:

“I wanted to write a song floating the chords around the base line that was more energetic than past songs. Lyrically I wanted to explore how you can be in a dark place but still push through with perseverance, whilst also looking into what is contentment.”

Get lost amongst Dream Dali's dreamy soundscape, out now, with the release of 'Wandering' followed by the debut album 'Letters From The Light' on October 28.

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