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  • Emma Ray

DOWNGIRL Hit Back With New Single '2006' & Music Video

Based on Gadigal Land, the fiery four-piece femme-punk band DOWNGIRL have released their latest track ‘2006’ and a farcical accompanying music video. Just the third single from the hard and fast powerhouse punk band, DOWNGIRL rip a new one in some of Australia's most criticised politicians.

Full of juicy, on-the-pulse bass lines and roaring in-your-face guitars, ‘2006’ is true Australian punk. Packed with punchy vocals and rough-as-guts instrumentation, the track is a wall of sound that shines a light on the continued poor treatment of First Nations people. Deep-rooted with political issues, ‘2006’ hits home for the fury-filled kids of today as well as the original fans of the Sex Pistols and The Runaways. Skarlett Saramore states:

“’Where the bloody hell are you?’ was a Tourism Australia slogan used in 2006. We are exploiting the use of this slogan to reinforce the importance of recognising what land we still stand on. ‘2006’ takes aim at the politicians and people benefiting off the colonisation of Australia, including the injustices committed by the system that continues to negatively affect the lives of our Indigenous and First Nations people.”

Brought to you by your local inner-city d*&kheads, the ‘2006’ music video – inspired by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s holiday in Hawaii while Australian bushfires ravaged the country – takes the piss out of four Aussie politicians who've shown lacklustre leadership and terrible judgement.

DOWNGIRL don the Polly attire and hit the street like the wrecking balls these politicians were. From tackling kids in the park to engaging in complete debauchery at the pub, the clip is like a montage of the sh*tstorm Australians have had to witness over the last decade. Fittingly, they are seen galavanting around, green-screened over just some of the mess they made. Concluding the clip, they exit the pub tripping over themselves - pants down, covered in their own vomit.

“It is a parody of greatest proportions, a farcical comedy", says Saramore, "injecting humour into the seriousness of the subject matter, which is not only representative of the “Australian larrikin” character but a mirror being held up for all.”

DOWNGIRL Upcoming Shows

May 12 - Marrickville Bowlo, Sydney(NSW) w/ Mac the Knife | Tickets

May 27 - The Station, Katoomba (NSW) | Free Entry

July 1 - Crowbar, Sydney (NSW) w/ The Hard Ons | Tickets TBA

July 7 - The Zoo - The Big Weekend, Brisbane (QLD) | Tickets

July 8 - Solbar - The Big Weekend, Maroochydore (QLD) | Tickets

July 9 - Howl And Moan Records, Byron Bay (NSW) | Free Entry

July 29 - Factory Theatre, Sydney (NSW) w/ Painters & Dockers | Tickets

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