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  • Emma Ray

DJ Jackyboy Shares His Pain-Fuelled Track 'Problems'

DJ Jackyboy is a 16 year old producer/rapper from Brisbane who collaborates with a range of artists in the local rap and hip hop community. Writing and producing his tracks about his life and struggles, DJ Jackyboy connects with his audience through his raw emotions in his storytelling.

"My experience in this world has been so different to my peers so far. I’m just one kid out in this world who has had a rocky start to life, but if I can help people feel less alone in their own experiences, that’s a great feeling.” - DJ Jackyboy

The producer/rapper had a busy 2022 when problems arose in his personal life. The young artist took these troubles and created something positive out of them through his music. 2022 saw DJ Jackyboy release 'Through All My Life' 'Going Through Changes' and 'Hospital' .

With a fresh year, comes a fresh start. DJ Jackyboy used last year to grow himself and reflect on his bad moments, to turn them into good moments for the new year.

DJ Jackyboy shares "The lyrics shares a message to those who, like me, grew up with an absent birth mother. I'm so blessed to have an adoptive family who actually loves me."

"This pain lead to be being an angry kid and taking it out on other people and myself. It was a bumpy road last year, but I'm going ten times harder this year with a positive mindset to chase my dream."

DJ Jackyboy will be releasing a five track EP in the first half of this year featuring Brisbane based artists and singers.

'Problems' music video coming soon

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