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  • Emma Ray

Dennis Comino Shares New Track 'All I Can Be' and Accompanying Music Video

With a powerful voice, impressive guitar skills, and a lot of energy on stage, Dennis Comino is capturing the attention of many audiences through his touring, and broad range of listeners. 

An official Cole Clark Guitars artist and an accomplished songwriter from a young age, Dennis is quickly making his way into the music scene. He enjoys writing and performing his own music and collaborating with other musicians. Dennis has been described by many as a mature songwriter with a creative ability to turn stories into songs. 

Comino’s style is best described as a mix of folk rock and alternate country with an Aussie rock twist. Influenced by artists such as Mumford and Sons, Noah Kahan, Travis Collins, INXS and Powderfinger.

Comino wrote this single with the mindset of creating a track that told a light-hearted love story. He took the song to Freight Train Foxes members Kelsey Berrington and Patrick Kenny to add some final touches and create an energetic and emotional track.  ‘All I Can Be’ was created from the feeling of falling for someone new, an experience that changes your perception and encourages you to take on new experiences. The lyrics recount all of the special moments that take place during the early stages of a relationship and the positive influence that a new connection brings. 

The single was recorded and mixed by producer and fellow musician Kelsey Berrington at his studio in Samford just outside of Brisbane. It was then mastered by Grammy award winning mastering engineer William Bowden (Kylie Minogue, The Living End).

Upon receiving the final mix of the song Dennis was inspired to direct and create his own music video. He used knowledge gained from completing an internship working on the Mic’d Up Series at Starving Kids over the past 12 months. Dennis created a video that artistically displays the meaning of the song through a series of moments couples find themselves having during the early stages of a relationship.

Dennis has learnt the art of crossing genres to create his own unique sound, making his music appealing to audiences of all ages. He has reached many goals and achievements and is continually chasing new ones. Be sure to follow this young artist and witness all that is yet to come. Connect With Dennis Comino


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