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  • Emma Ray

Chatting To Darcy Lane About Sweet New Single 'Chocolate'

Eora/Sydney-based alternative-pop artist Darcy Lane is back with the release of her moreish new single ‘Chocolate’.

Produced by Oscar Sharah (Mel Blue, Hallie, Abby Bella May, Lola Scott), ‘Chocolate’ is a deliciously uplifting, cheeky, and catchy pop track featuring addictive melodies and lush production. Darcy shares the details of 'Chocolate' with us here!

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single 'Chocolate' and how it differs from your previous work? "Chocolate is super flirty and fun and kinda my first love song, which is a big shift from my previous tracks as they all are on the break-up side of a relationship. This track actually got on an official Apple playlist called “Relationship Goals” which was very cool and something I never thought I would accomplish as a person or a songwriter given I mostly pen breakup tracks."

How did you create the track? "I wrote the track accompanied by my clunky piano playing and there was something so exciting about it in its raw form. I took a bunch of tracks to my producer Oscar and this was the one that he was most keen to start. We had lots of fun recording scream vocals for the chorus and layering random sections from my voice memo demo. There are so many intricate details within the production, which I think is Oscar’s specialty and adds so much dimension to a track." What is next for Darcy Lane? "I have been working on my next singles, focussing on creating more upbeat tracks perfect for a fun, summer live set. I am super excited to release this next lot of music!"

Lane pairs vulnerable and melancholic lyrical themes with energetic pop melodies and production, creating a contrasting and dynamic musical experience. Moving forward, Lane aspires to compose uplifting pop music featuring catchy melodies that bring joy and a sense of validation to individuals whilst they navigate the intricate emotions associated with relationships and heartbreak.

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