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  • Belle Radman

Benson Boone Releases Time-Stopping Love Ballad

Following his recent EP, Benson Boone has released his tender single, 'Before You'.

First discovered by Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, Benson Boone has once again touched hearts with this track. Featuring soulful and hurt vocals over a solemn piano, the track explores true love and the feelings it brings.

Benson not only uses the music to touch our hearts, he also has a way with his words.

Darling, if you don’t mind, I’ll take your hand tonight,” the 20-year-old sings over a delicate piano arrangement on the chorus.

“We could just slow down time, let me adore you.” Boone then raises the romance factor even higher.

"From the moment I looked in those dark brown eyes, I can’t remember life before you.”

With a slow build and emotional delivery, 'Before You' is a love song for the ages.

“I know I have gained a reputation for writing sad songs, but I'm hoping ‘Before You’ changes that,” Said Boone on the track. After a string of break-up anthems, this one is brimming with hope and optimism.




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