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Bella Jane Processes Heartbreak With A Raw-Pop Release

Meanjin/Brisbane’s talented pop-songwriter and artist Bella Jane shares her third single ‘Dancing On My Own’, following on from her most recent ‘Still Be Friends’ and successful 2021 track ‘Light On’.

'Dancing On My Own’ is a stripped back take on heartbreak-focused pop. Raw and natural production gave the track a new feel for Bella Jane, who prefers to create large production focused tracks alongside her producer Tom Eggert (Sloan Peterson, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Cub Sport, HANNI, Benji Lewis).

Recorded with Tom Eggert and Jarryd Shuker (Art of Sleeping, WIIGZ, Hein Cooper, Yb.) the trio spent their time in the cozy studio space of 4000 Studios, in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Having a slower, raw track with fewer instruments was a long time coming for Bella Jane and Eggert. The pair had been keen for a while to create something that would suit stripped back production.

"The song came to me during a time when I was processing a lot of heavy feelings from a break up. I’d see other relationships around me starting and it’s painful to accept yours has come to a close. It’s grieving their company but trying your best not to fall apart and learning how to be single again. Everything you did together you now do alone and it’s a big life transition.”

- Bella Jane

‘Dancing On My Own’ came to fruition naturally, with Bella Jane stating “I had somewhere to be and was already running late but this melody and the words ‘dancing to a sad song’ kept playing in my head. I ended up late because I sat down and wrote the song in one sitting. I think it had been rolling around in my mind for a while and being able to see all these honest thoughts on a page felt really therapeutic.”

Coming from a family of creatives, Bella was surrounded by music through her childhood and began writing her own songs at the age of 10, soon after beginning recording in a home studio by age 11.

Honing her songwriting craft as a teenager whilst studying at Brisbane based Music Industry College, Bella wrote a song that she would then pass over to her school friend and fellow MIC student, HANNI. This song would reach global success with over 4.6 million streams on Spotify alone.

Bella Jane is inspired by women in pop such as Lennon Stella, Mallrat, Meg Mac, and Bea Miller.

“The combination of soft voices and powerful words really speak to me and what I create.”

- Bella Jane

Bella will be debuting ‘Dancing On My Own’ live at her single launch at The Junk Bar, Ashgrove March 24th, with special guest Lottie McLeod. Find tickets HERE

Having already released two singles, Bella Jane plans develop her own production skills while continuing to work alongside Eggert in recording and exploring some different pop sounds for future releases.

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