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  • Emma Ray

BAZL Returns With Late Night R&B Track '11:42'

Brisbane-based artist BAZL unleashed a wave of sultry vibes with the release of his latest single '11:42' - a sexy, upbeat RnB track with a trap-inspired beat and smooth chords.

Released on March 8th, ‘11:42’ is a musical composition that artfully blends the alluring tones of RnB with the rhythm of a trap-inspired beat, resulting in a seductive auditory experience. BAZL's innovative approach to his musical style is evident as he weaves these genres together, creating a dynamic soundscape that resonates with modern sensibilities.

Known for his addictive pop essence with a lightly rocky edge, BAZL began his career in Melbourne after graduating in Brisbane, and has recently returned to his roots in Brisbane to embark on the next exciting chapter of his career. With a newly assembled band, BAZL is getting ready to command stages across the city, captivating audiences with his unique musical fusion. The release of ‘11:42’ underscores BAZL's commitment to pushing creative boundaries, solidifying his position as a noteworthy presence in the RnB music scene.

Written and produced by BAZL and Brodie Travers of Noise Candy Collective, with writing contributions and mixing from Ace Mehegan (Noise Candy Collective), the trio worked harmoniously to bring this bouncy RnB track to life, as well as his most recent release ‘Speak Slow’.

The lyrics add a layer of emotional depth, as BAZL takes the listener on a journey through the intricacies of love. The narrative unfolds around a relationship that was undeniably the right connection but unfortunately occurred at the wrong time. BAZL opens a window into the complexities of love and fate, sharing an intimate scenario where a late-night romance blossoms in the aftermath of a previous relationship's demise. Through the fusion of sultry musical elements and heartfelt storytelling, ‘11:42’ emerges as a captivating piece that engages the senses and explores the relatable theme of timing in matters of the heart.

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